Here are a few shots from H and I’s wedding.  It was a lot of fun, and like my friends told me it sure did go by quick.  We got married in the afternoon in northern wyoming, about 30 min from yellowstone national park.  It was a beautiful day and an amazing setting.  When we decided on an outdoor wedding way long ago, I told H it wasnt going to rain, and kept saying it.  Unfortunately, I was wrong, but thankfully the rain stopped before the ceremony started (by about 1 hour).  I was happy about that, but I had told my friends that I was ready to keep saying it wasnt going to rain no matter what – I had already been saying it for too long to back off now.

Here are some of my favorite pictures from the day.

me and H right before the wedding.  We chose to see each other beforehand, and i’m glad we did.  She looked so pretty, and it was nice to have a few calm moments with her before the ceremony.

H before she met up with me before the ceremony.







A picture of our rings – great shot I think.

This is me and all the groomsmen – for fun I thought it would be awesome if we all had similar socks.  Not sure how they felt about it, but I dont think they minded too much.



This is where our dinner was held.  Such a nice spot.  I love the view

The ever popular ranch dog.  The owner told us he and some of his puppy friends chased off a bear the night of our wedding.

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  1. Congratulations!!!
    What an amazing setting for a wedding. We, too, had an outdoor wedding this summer, and the rain threat was on my mind 24/7 leading up to the day. Thankfully, we got lucky but I got yelled at a few times by my wife for checking the weather in the week leading up.

    • I wasnt wearing my cowboy boots – those belonged to the best man. I had the light blue argyle socks, and the mostly polished brown shoes.

  2. Beautiful pictures and congratulations! I am getting married next weekend and it’s scheduled to rain. We’re getting married in a church, but we would like to go to a park to take pictures. Maybe if I keep saying it’s going to rain it won’t. Haha

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