Wedding Expenses Part 2: Fun Stuff

Bachelor Party – I’ve been to a lot of these recently and they have been of all stripes – a trip to Vegas, a camping/rafting trip and one where we went sledding and out to dinner and a few bars.  Personally, I had a great time at every single one of these, and from the people that I talked to who were there said the exact same thing.  No matter what you do or where you go, I feel like you’re going to have a good time because you’re hanging out with your friends.  I havent decided what to do quite yet, but it’s probably going to be something along the lines of a camping/hiking/fishing trip or something.  It will probably be pretty close to where we all live (except for 1 person) so that everyone can go, which is what I’m concerned about most.  My estimated cost is going to be heavily dependent on gas prices.  I know it will take me at least 1 tank of gas to get down there, and my most recent fill up was 60+
Estimated Cost: $150

Gifts for my Groomsmen – I havent decided what I’m going to get those jackals quite yet, but I’d like it to be something that each of them enjoys and gets a chance to use frequently.  I’d also like something lasting, so beer or something similar is out (at least as the main portion – I may try and brew a special batch for them).  Obviously I’ve seen a ton of stuff but dont want to go the typical route of a flask or a cigar cutter – my friends dont drink much hard booze, and only smoke cigars once in a blue moon (though prob will at my bachelor party).
Estimated Cost: Undisclosed, since I know some of them read this.  It’ll be sweet though guys, I promise.

Bride’s gift – I’m going to be 100% honest here and fully admit that I had absolutely no idea what H was talking about when this came up for the first time.  She started going on about her sisters wedding gift from her husband and I stopped her and said: “Wait, I tricked you into marrying me, and now I have to get you a gift to make sure nothing goes sideways? That’s BS”  After that I got a long spiel about how it’s tradition and bla bla (a friend of mine put a spending cap on wedding gifts for him and his fiancee, equal to the exact amount of the firearm he wanted).  I know that a lot of ladies read my blog and probably wont be happy with this, but I still question wether or not this is needed.  I have found something that I hope that she will like and that wont break the bank, but I still feel like the resources could be better used elsewhere.  I’m happy to give her something in all honesty, I just cant convince her not to get me anything (yet).
Estimated Cost: We are going to set a cost limit on this, but havent decided yet.

Well, that’s about all for the more fun stuff.  How much did you spend on gifts, etc for your wedding?


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15 thoughts on “Wedding Expenses Part 2: Fun Stuff”

  1. A think a bride’s gift sounds ridiculous! It is absolutely not needed. The gift of the commitment you 2 are giving each other at your wedding should be enough. People really are too fixated on owning stuff and that tradition needs to just go away 🙂

    • I agree emily, so I’ve found a way to still follow the “spirit” of the rule with out spending a ton of money on the gift!

  2. I don’t recall how much I spent on my bachelors party but it was cheap because my friends picked up most of the tab. By far the best one I’ve been to was one where we went on an overnight trip, hit the bars the first night and then spent the better part of the next day golfing. A fishing/hiking/camping trip will also be an excellent way to spend a bachelors weekend, I think.

    No matter what you get the groomsmen, you’ve already got the important part down. Make sure it’s something that they’ll use. I’ve gotten a few in my time, and few of them really get used.

    I’ve heard of a bride’s gift, but have always thought it was a bit of consumerist propaganda… That being said, if H want’s the two of you to get each other gifts (besides yourselves), then by all means do so. You only get to do this wedding thing once. But, keeping it within reason and within your personal fiscal standards is also called for.

    Sounds like you guys are really getting into the planning now. Keep up the updates!

    • The planning has really gotten started now – the invites are even in the mail at this point! As for the gift, a lot of people seemed shocked that I didnt know what it was, but now that i’m getting a lot of comments like that, I dont feel so bad. Since we are doing a lot of renovation on the house, we may just use the cash for that instead. It hasnt come up in a while.

  3. Wait, what the heck is a bride’s gift? I’ve never heard of this and I read two etiquette books in advance of my wedding. Is this a reciprocal thing – you each get one another a gift? If so, forget it and save the money. If not and it’s just you to her… did you get her an engagement ring? Shouldn’t that cover it and more? This reminds me of a “push present” that I heard about for the first time a few months ago – also ridiculous. It’s just the media spurring us to consumerism. You’re getting married, for goodness sakes! THAT’S what makes the day awesome, not an exchange of goods! (And similarly for the push present – the BABY should be the present!)

    • A brides gift (and grooms gift) is something you get your spouse on the wedding day – i’m not sure the purpose of it all (and i’ve heard from recipients of both sexes that they never wear/use their gift) which makes it even more maddening. I agree with the logic because I really dont feel like I need anything but then again, and i’ll be just happy to be married.

    • Right, but in that same vein it’s really tough to get someone a gift and not have them get you one in return. I dont feel like I need anything, and the things that I want are kind of expensive.

  4. I don’t remember receiving a bride’s gift from Mr. LH and I don’t remember this being a tradition my family followed. I suppose every family has their tradition, though. As for a gift, maybe the two of you should set a budget, or think of something you could both use now that you’re joining your lives forever. (the forever part isn’t meant to scare you. 😉 ). Have a great time at your bachelor party (the raft/camping trip sounds like a terrific idea!)

    • As for tradition from family, I dont know if it’s that either. I know her sister got something from her husband, and all of my friends that have gotten married in the last 12 months have done this as well. I dont know what to make of it quite yet, but i’m sure something good will come out of it.

  5. I’ve also never heard of a bride’s gift…I might have to get remarried! Just kidding 😉 Had I known it was tradition to exchange gifts, I still probably wouldn’t have done so — our elopement was so untraditional anyway!

  6. Yeah, I’m going to have to echo you and some other commentors and say “HUH?” on the bride’s gift. That’s a new one to me, and I’ve been married 7 years later this month. I’d always been told that the wedding rings themselves were sufficient for exchanging gifts! Sounds a little over the top for me (then again, I was a poor grad student when I got married).

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