Vacation Investments and Destinations for North American Holiday Travel

For the savvy European vacationer, North America can be a holiday destination for years to come.

Whether you’re planning the great American getaway or planning a longer stay in the states, there are plenty of options to consider as well as money pits to avoid. While many vacationers aim for a big city stay, there are better ways to stretch the Euro–and plan for returns in the coming years.

Avoid the money pits

High-cost AirBnBs, too-expensive hotel stays, and timeshare properties offer the allure of security for having a place for more than a week but can drain your resources sooner than you think. If you’re looking at the cost of a timeshare, you should know timeshare properties alone cost almost $1,000 a year. If you’re not visiting the states yearly, then it’s a hassle to sell off your week share, and you’d rather visit other places anyway, right? If you want to save on overt holiday costs as to make a North American vacation a yearly getaway, there are plenty of home exchange (house swapping) options as well as more affordable packages that allow for longer stays in central locations that provide travel to surrounding vacation sites.

Where to visit?

If you’ve already explored the Canary Islands, Catalonia, Paris, and Italy, then you have to experience America’s Great Lakes, Quebec’s Ice Hotel, Massachusetts’ Capes, California’s beaches, and Montreal’s botanical gardens, among hundreds of destinations that not every adventurer has explored. A week in Mexico, ten days in the states, and a tour across the upper Northeast of Canada’s coast makes for the perfect holiday–and next year you can explore the west coast version of the same trip!

Stretch that Euro!

Traveling to and through the states can be as affordable–or even more so–than European cross-country holiday. New York, for example, is a state (or “country”) unto itself! Most Americans can spend a whole two-week holiday exploring New York and not even scratch the surface when it comes to its beaches or upstate. No traveler can capture all of New York, Zihuatanejo, Mexico City, Quebec, Nova Scotia, or California’s attractions in one holiday, so why should you? Each year provides enough cheap flights and affordable travel packages for you and the family to explore a foreign–but familiar–country.

Whether you’re hungry to travel on holiday or looking to get away to somewhere new but farther away, Europeans of all types and classes are making North America their vacation destination, whether they’re planning years of exploration and future holiday getaways or just looking to find somewhere off-continent that might cost the same or less.

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