The Many Ways Green Living Can Improve Your Health

When you think of green living or going green, you tend to think about benefits like helping the planet and saving money on household expenses. Though these are both things to be grateful for, the truth is, there are many more benefits to a green lifestyle. One of the biggest positives is the enhancement to your overall wellbeing. The following is a look at some of the benefits of going green to your mental and physical health. 

Less Pollution Means a Clearer Mind

Whether you know it or not, the pollution in the atmosphere can gravely impact your mental wellbeing and cognitive abilities. The various chemicals, particles, and toxins present in the environment alter the brain’s chemistry causing an array of complications from short-term memory loss and fogginess to stress and anxiety. Reducing the number of pollutants present in your home and work environment, therefore, helps to keep the mind clear. 

More Sunlight Means Strong Bones and Good Moods

When applying green methods like reducing the use of artificial light in exchange for natural sunlight, your health is greatly improved. Vitamin D is an essential vitamin for bone and heart health. When you allow natural light into the home your skin is exposed to vitamin D. For those who currently receiving depression treatment or suffering from depression, a daily dose of sunlight can improve your mood. The sun increases the brain’s production of a hormone known as serotonin which is a hormone that calms the nerves, improves mood, and increases focus.

Alternative Transportation Means Increased Physical Activity

Another green practice is using alternative methods of transportation to reduce carbon emissions and other pollutants into the atmosphere. With decreased use of your personal vehicle, you look to alternative transportation options like walking or riding a bike. The more these methods are used, the more physical activity you’re engaged in on a regular basis. Regular exercise, as you may or may not know, helps to manage your weight, boost your mood, build strong bones and muscles, and reduce your risk of various weight-related diseases. 

Green Eating Means Improved Health

More and more people are starting to realize the seriousness of watching what you eat. Many processed, pre-packaged, and fast foods consumed over a long period of time or in large quantities can cause health problems ranging from diabetes to cancer. For those who are truly committed to green living, essentially, they work hard to green their diets as well. This means eating more fruits and vegetables and reducing their consumption of processed foods and meats which are harmful to the environment and your bodies. 

Taking steps like eating fresh produce, shopping locally, eliminating the use of plastic containers, and reducing or eliminating your consumption of meat products pays off big time. You can treat or even reduce symptoms from certain long-term conditions, sustain a healthy weight, reduce your risk of life-threatening illnesses, and improve your overall mood.

Caring for the Environment Gives You Purpose

When you take the time to make significant lifestyle changes to help the environment, it certainly gives you purpose. You are consciously making an effort to preserve planet earth and those who live there. You’re not just helping yourself but your neighborhoods, communities, cities, states, and countries. Knowing this can fill you with great confidence. 

Going Green Means a Better Life

When you are at your best health, essentially, you are able to enjoy life (and a lot longer too). With a fit body and a sharp mind, you are able to live a life with less stress and worry and instead spend more time being happy and doing things you love. 

As you can see, green living can does way more than save you money and help the planet. It also does wonders for your mental and physical wellbeing. The power of nature is forever healing and could be just what you need to enhance your life for the better. If you think that going green is something you’re interested in, begin your research to learn the best ways to start and practices to incorporate into your lifestyle. 

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