Taking Care of your Body While Watching your Wallet

Whether it was part of your New Year’s Resolution or not, as summer approaches we are now in high gear to get in shape and look good, many of us belonging to gyms and having strict diets.  These are part of getting that summer ready body, but how much are we willing to spend to look good?  There are so many ways to save money and look great, from skin care regimens, diet habits, and workout plans there are a lot we can do while still on a budget.


When joining a gym, never join in January with the rest of the crowd and try to join in spring and summer months to get better membership rates.  When you first think about joining a gym, try to go there in person, not signing up online, as most fitness centers will negotiate your monthly bill and maybe even wave your initiation fee.  It is best to sign up for a couple’s membership too, as you can save money each month by signing up as a pair.  If you can afford it to do so, you should see if there is a discount offered to pay the membership fees in full for the year, just be sure to check the fine print for cancelation fees.  Ask for coupons to the juice bar, free classes, and personal training sessions.

Along with your body you need to take care of your skin as well, and if you have problem skin this could get expensive.  Using lotions with SPF is very important as it helps the skin from aging too quickly and can help protect against skin cancer in the future.  If you have acne there are many affordable skin creams and treatments on the market you that do not cost much, or IPL acne treatment targets the bacteria that causes acne, not just with lotions and potions.

Eating right is important on the inside and out.  Always stick to a high protein, low-carb diet if you are trying to lose weight.  Buy fruits and vegetables at your local farmer’s market and big box stores to save extra money.  Save your seeds and plant a garden for free this spring and you can have healthy fruits and veggies all summer long!  Cut down on eating out as much, as this will save you money and keep your waist size down, as portion sizes and prices are much higher at restaurants than you can provide in your own home.  Remember to always use coupons when going grocery shopping, write a list before you go, and stick to it at the store.  Do not ever go shopping for food while on a hungry stomach, as you will buy more food than you need, spend way too much money, and purchase unhealthy items.

It takes discipline to accomplish staying fit and keeping a healthy diet, not to mention continuing to build your bank account, sustaining your body and wallet.




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