Sustain Yourself: Stop Smoking

If there is one thing that I find amazing, it’s watching old tv shows. You may wonder why, but here me out on this. Occasionally my wife likes to watch sex and the city, and I sometimes watch it with her. It’s not the acting or anything like that I find fascinating, its the fact that they are basically chain smoking through the entire series!

I seriously can not believe it. Everyone on the show is smoking all the time (filming started around 2000 I believe).

Now, I cant think of a tv show where anyone smokes as consistently as they did, nor as frequently. It seems to have fallen out of favor just as much with the general public over the last 15 years as well – no one seems to smoke anymore.

Quite a few good reasons to as well

  • It’s bad for your health – It will literally kill you. Enough said
  • It’s expensive – They tax the hell out of cigarettes, and no one cares but smokers. They typically dont have the votes to beat it back though, and they pay for it. I think in some of the higher tax states (NY) they pay over $7 per pack! and some people go through one (or more) a day! that’s 50 bucks a week right there.
  • It can lead to other positive life changes – I think this is because people realize that they can take on and accomplish a bit task like this, so they start doing other things as well.

It just really floors me why anyone would still smoke – I honestly dont understand it. I was always taught that it’s a gross habit and never to start, but for people that have started I imagine it’s difficult to quit.

Readers: Do you smoke? If so, how did you get started? If not, Why not? Do you remember what 1 thing led you to decide not to?

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