September 2013 Monthly Review

September was a fairly productive month for us, as lots of our work on the basement got done, and I got back into focusing on my online work a bit more. I’ve currently got 5 projects that I’m working on online, and am hoping to have those all generate around $1,000 per month profit (to me) in total. Three of them I do not own fully – two are split 50/50 and one is split 75/25 with me holding the larger share.

Earlier this month, I talked about the state of our debt and our savings. I previously left our savings/investment accounts out of this update, but since I’ve talked about them now, there’s not really any point to leaving them off of here, so I’ve added them.


Mortgage $114,199 (-548).  Just the normal payment here. The plan as it stands now is to knock out the window debt, then split extra cash between the student loan and

Windows $4,300 – (-1,700) This is the amount we financed for our window purchase.  They offered us a 0% rate for a year, so we took it.  We sent them 1,700 this month, and will try to send them about 1,500 per month until the end of the year so that we can knock this out by mid december. Once that’s done, it’s probably going to be split between increasing savings and the student loan.

Student Loan

Great Lakes Loan $ 6,858   (-$173) This got bumped down from 600 per month to 200 per month so that we could focus on the windows and wipe them out before the 0% offer expired (though we probably would have still been fine keeping this at 600. This is finally under 7k and for me I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. The windows were at 7,300 just 2 short months ago, so this should go away just as quickly

Total Debt: $ 125,357 (-$2,421)

We made a large payment on the windows, and the other 1,100 reduction came from our mortgage and the student loan payments. This is going well right now, and it seems like the changes that we made in our finances are going to stick this time.


I’ve decided to add our savings accounts to the mix. Currently, We have 4, and I have a Roth IRA. Both H and I (s0rt of) expect to get pensions if we stay with our current employers and retire with them. That being said, I’m not really one to trust all that, so we are looking at having a significant nest egg when we do end up retiring. We keep our savings accounts with capital one 360. We’ve used an online bank for over 5 years, and have had no problems with the at all. They pay the best (meager) rates of all the accounts we’ve found, so if you’re interested in getting a bit better rate, sign up with capital one now.

General Purpose $5,064 – This savings account acts as our emergency fund right now but once the emergency fund is funded with 4 months of expenses, we will direct these funds toward some other goal. We have a few ideas for this savings account, but not anything concrete yet. In all reality, serious talks about what to do with this probably wont happen until the emergency fund reaches about 12k, so we’ve got some time.

House $523 – This is the account we kept our house down payment in. Right now, we just add to it monthly and then when we come across something really big (like an energy efficient washer/dryer) we pull the cash out and purchase it. Most of the house stuff we simply cash flow though.

Emergency Fund $501 – We decided to build a separate emergency fund so that we could both sleep at night. We didnt want to end up in the situation where we took a trip that we saw heavily discounted and pulled money from savings and return home to find a flooded basement or some such emergency. Naturally, this is exactly what emergency funds are for, so we elected to build a dedicated one.

Vacation $76 – Savings account for vacations – it grows very slowly at the moment, and when we went to alaska, it was fairly depleted.

Health Goals

This month went way better, and I’ve finally got a gym routine down pat. I was biking to the gym at the beginning of the month, but once the rains came (it flooded in colorado, and just rained non stop for 8 days here) I started driving to the gym in the mornings. Not only that, H and I go to the gym 3x per week and do a bit of strength training. I just double up on those days, and she does lots of combo full body exercises, like squats and chin ups. She seems to like it so far.

I’ve also switched up my diet in september. Starting labor day, I switched to a paleo diet. This is something that I’ve tried before, and didnt stick the first time. I was ready this time for the intense hunger that derailed me last time, and basically ate my way through it. During the first hungry day (I exprienced two) I ate as much as most people eat in a day by lunchtime. The process basically repeated itself the next day, and after that my body was doing ok and I didnt feel like I was starving anymore.

One of the other things that I did when I started the paleo diet was gave up booze. I dont typically drink a lot, but I would have a few beers 3 or 4 nights a week. This in and of itself didnt really make my life more difficult, but about every 3 months or so I’d have a touch too much, and it would totally ruin my productivity and eating habits for the day or so after words. Since I’ve got a bunch of stuff to do before fincon and the snow comes in general, I figured that giving up booze would help my diet and help me get things done. Im not really planning on this being a permanent thing – the initial trial period is 6 weeks, then I will reevaluate.

Workouts: 40

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