September 2012 Monthly Review

This month has finally settled down, and H and I are no longer spending every waking moment working on the house or at lowes shopping for house things (thank god).  We are still spending quite a bit of time and money, but I feel confident in saying that we are probably over the hump of work that needs to be done. There’s still a lot of downhill, but most of it shouldnt be nearly as bad.  We are getting our countertops this week, and with that, the kitchen will be done (save for a coat of paint in the breakfast nook).  It will be the first time having a kitchen sink in 5 months, and the first time having a dishwasher in like 4 years – I’m pretty excited.

In related news, after 2 trips to colorado to visit an accountant, multiple emails exchanged with the accountant, a tax filing, an amended tax filing, and an amendment to the amended tax filing, lots of waiting, and 2+ hours on the phone with the colorado department of revenue, I’ll be getting my tax money refunded. I wrote about it in june, when I thought my refund was “weeks” away.  I finally got the direct deposit from them this week!  It’s nice to have my money back.


This is pretty high right now because of the house, but I’m alright with that.  I’m not 100% against debt like I used to be, but I still dont think it’s a great thing.  It’s easy a tool, like a lot of things – and you can hurt yourself with it just as much as you can help yourself.


Mortgage $ 120,671 ($529) –  This is going down super slowly which makes sad.  H and I are still in the working stages of clearing out our other debts and/or making house upgrades right now, but are working out a plan to start making 2 payments per month starting in january 2012.  If we do that, we should be able to take a considerable amount of time off the loan.

Student Loans

Great Lakes Loan $ 10,322 ($123)  It’s nice to see this going down a bit faster after I increased the payment, but it’s still not going down as fast as I’d like.  This will be the next focus after the truck.

Truck Loan

Ford Credit: $5,301 ($307): This is just going down steady and slowly – I’m hoping to have it knocked off by year end, but we did just replace our washing machine, so that will put this back a bit – I think we can still make gone by the end of the year.

Total Debt: 137,253  This does include the house, and isnt really that bad.  After all the work we’ve done, we are expecting a large increase in value for the property.  My highest total ever, but it’s not all bad. 

Health Goals

This has finally turned around – I’m not staying up late working on wiring until 1230 anymore, so I can get up at 545 now and go to the gym.  As an added bonus, I’ve been biking to the gym every single time that I went this month!  I’m pretty excited about that – it’s such a nice ride in the morning (though a bit cold) and it really gets me awake and ready to workout.  Unfortunately, coming back from the gym on legs days really gets tough.

I’ve also been doing a little bit of working out at home, though not much.  I’ve started trying to train with a slosh pipe (full disclosure: they are difficult to work with), and I’ve also downloaded a yoga app on my laptop  (but have not used it yet).  This is prep for a race I’m going to do next june, which I’ll post about in the future – I’ve already started training for it.

Goal Workouts: 20

Total Workouts: 22

Food Challenges:

This month, in an effort to save some money and start eating what food H and I have, I started a Meat Challenge.  The meat challenge continued on for another successful month, and I can hardly remember the last time that we bought meat at the store.  The grocery budget is headed downward (to about 50-75 every 2 weeks).  No complaints there, and both H and I feel better.  I had my first crack at hunting this weekend, and took home a few blue grouse.  I’ve got quite a bit of planning to do so that I can make sure I give myself enough time to at least try to fill out all my tags, but who knows.

The Grocery Store Challenge has been harder to track than the meat challenge, but I think it’s going well.  Typically we’d go to the store every week, but since we’ve started getting the farm shares (and our kitchen has come on-line) we’ve been able to stretch the trips to the store to ever other week.

How did everyone do in august?  Were you able to make lots of progress on your debt, or were you focusing on some other area of your life?

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  1. You will get that debt paid off faster than you think. Ever consider a debt snowball approach to knock them out one at a time? Worked for me!

    • I have been working with a debt snowball, but it got melted during the summer. Now that the cool weather is back, my snowball will return!

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