October 2011 Monthly Review

Every month, I review my debt and the progress (or not) that I’ve made in paying it down.  I havent gotten much paid down so far this year because I’ve been doing quite a bit of traveling, but that has officially ended (finally)!  One of my goals for last month was to finally wipe this stupid direct loan off of the list after sending them a large payment last month.  Well, as of this writing I’m still waiting for them to find a check they misplaced so I can go in online and pay the remainder.

Student Loans

I made more progress on these!  My smaller loan is waiting to be paid off.  Why do these people make it so tough to give them money.

Direct Loan $0  ($563) – I have enough to pay this off but I haven’t done it yet, so I’m just going to mark it paid. Wa-HOOOOO!  They have lost the check that was sent (though they did cash it) so I’m waiting for that to post until I can pay them.  They should be finding it soon, or so they say. (UPDATE: They still haven’t found my check.  This obviously doesn’t make me happy)

Great Lakes Loan $11,448 ($96)  I hate this loan.  It never goes down.

Truck Loan

Pretty self explanatory – the loan for my truck.  I got a huge boost on this loan this summer from a hail storm we had in the area around mid july.  There was quite a bit of damage (many are getting new roofs) and there was over $6k of damage worth to my car.  When I got the check, the insurance rep said I could get the vehicle fixed or use the money to pay down the loan.  No brainer for me, and I wiped out 33% of the value of the loan.

Ford Credit: $9,765 ($300):  I cant believe that less than 2 years after taking a 20,000+ note that it’s under ten grand.  Though much of this was because of a hail storm that I couldnt have predicted and a low interest rate.  Some of it is because I was paying more than the minimum at the beginning of the loan – when it matters most.

Health Goals

I’ve also decided to track my health goals for the year.  This has been up and down all year, but despite the traveling, I’ve managed to keep it together this month.  This is usually gym visits, but I dont always like to go to the gym, so I’m changing it to workouts.  Usually when I dont go to the gym, I go running.

Goal Workouts: 20

Total Visits: 2

As you can see, this was a total and complete failure.  I was ok the first week, then the wheels just completely came off.  It snowed last week, so this is going to be mostly inside from here on out.  Hopefully I’ll be OK getting back on the wagon next month.

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14 thoughts on “October 2011 Monthly Review”

  1. Another one bites the dust!

    I am sure you’ll get back into your workouts. I find the cold weather transition hard to adjust to too.

    • I didnt have the option to blow the money (I dont think) well maybe I did – but I wanted to pay down the loan more than I wanted the 5k, mainly because it’s such a huge monthly allocation.

    • It does feel good to get rid of the loan – and as far as I remember the great lake interest rate was variable – I think it’s just the small payment that I make. The interest rate is 6.55% on these loans. That’s kind of high, but at least it’s tax deductible – which the truck isnt.

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