New Plans

As all you readers know, my wife is pregnant. Her pregnancy hasn’t been going the best but we were just taking it a day at a time, and hoping for no more complications after losing one of the twins in late december. Things had been progressing just fine, and I had moved on  to trying to figure out how I could get more useful articles out of our baby to be.

I had started making a schedule of the DIY Projects that I was planning on doing before the baby came and how those projects were going to help save us money and use less resources. I was planning on DIY baby wipes, and a whole bunch of other projects. I was going to make them and then write about how to do it and why we made them. Since my wife was just 7 months pregnant, I figured we’d have plenty of time to get all that done.

Well, Eleanor decided differently, and decided that right after the baby shower she was done hanging out in my wifes belly, and decided to come 10 weeks early. Since she is so early, they have her at a hospital in colorado in the NICU (Neo-natal intensive care unit), and she will likely remain there until her due date (which was supposed to be in early may).


So that’s her, being handled by the flight for life team, less than 2 minutes after she was born. Oddly enough, one of my good friends from denver works at flight for life (though not in that group) and recognized their uniforms when I put this picture on facebook (yes, I know you can just see the sleeves). He looked a day later and saw they made the trip to wyoming where H and I live, and easily connected the dots.

Now that we have her, it’s time for us to look into life insurance and other ways to protect her (and each other) in case one of use meets an untimely demise. I’ve looked at life insurance, but I’ve heard there’s couples life insurance that also may be an option.

We are very happy she’s here and are looking forward to taking her home with us.

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5 thoughts on “New Plans”

  1. Congrats to you and your wife! I hope the best for your daughter. I have a friend who worked at one of Denver’s NICUs and the work they do is amazing. Thank goodness for modern medicine.

    • It’s pretty impressive david – when we got to the NICU I asked specifically about asthma because she was born so early, and the nurse said the odds were good she WOULDNT have it. I was stunned.

  2. Congratulations to all of you! Little Eleanor was obviously excited about coming into the world. I wish all of you the best and perhaps she will be ready to go home a little sooner than May!

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