May 2013 Monthly Review

May was kind of an up and down month for us, as we had a few wedding accommodations this summer to pay for, some clothing, and we purchased a new front door for our house.  The high efficient/secure ones are a touch more expensive that one might think.  At any rate, I dont mind because soon our house will be a fortress that is impenetrable of people, and air leaks.  H is almost finished with school, so we are both pretty excited for that.


These are all of our debts. Right now, that includes a vehicle loan, a mortgage and 1 student loan. When I started, I had 3 credit cards, 3 student loans and no vehicle loans.  I’m married now, and everything that I’m still paying off now (with the exception of the student loan) has been incurred since I’ve tried to become debt free. Funny how that works out, eh?


Mortgage $115,838  ($1,084) – Same monthly payment here.  Once the student loan is paid off, I think H and I are going to move the payments around a bit on this.  I’m not exactly sure what we are going to do, but I think we will probably see if we can switch to bi-weekly payments, which will have us making 1 extra payment per year, and we will probably bump up the payment amount, so we will be over paying every two weeks as well, but we need to figure out an amount.

Student Loans

Great Lakes Loan $ 8,713 ($110) H and I have moved this to our next repayment target.  We are going to begin paying 600 per month on this for now, and see how it works.  It could be gone by the end of the year, but looks more than likely by the end of Q1 2014.  I’ll be happy when this will be gone, and so will H.

Truck Loan

Ford Credit: We no longer pay ford credit.  We paid off the truck loan early last month, and it will be nice with out it.  The insurance also went down quite a bit because we dropped a lot of coverage as well.

Total Debt: $126,545 ($2281) –  Another month of 2k+ debt reduction, which is awesome.  It’s going to be really nice once the cash from the truck comes back – that’s been eating at my paycheck for what seems like forever.  I’m not sure if we will continue to snowball that wholly into the student loan, or if we use it to beef up the emergency fund a bit, but I’ll write out something when the time comes.

Health Goals

These as usual go up and down, but I was pretty solid in the exercise department.  H and I both ran a half marathon at the end of the month and made kind of a late call on whether or not to even do the race, so we had to ramp up our training rather quickly and move faster than we probably normally would have.  It was a difficult course and I didnt hit my goal time of 2:15, but H and I both did really well consider there was about an 800 ft vertical over the last mile or so.

Once again, I’ve struggled with watching what I eat.  I swear the minute I start telling myself that I should focus on that, the worse it gets.  Unfortunate, but true.  Seems to me that fixing money habits is far easier than fixing the eating habits.

Goal Workouts: 30

Total Workouts: 41

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4 thoughts on “May 2013 Monthly Review”

  1. Congrats on getting rid of the Ford loan. I remember when I know longer had to make a car payment it was such a great feeling. Also hopefully you will pay off the loan by the end of this year instead of next. I have been having a lot of ups and downs with eating and health lately. I am just not as focus on that aspect of life as I need to be.

    • Thanks for stopping by thomas. Getting rid of the truck loan was a nice feeling – it didnt really feel real until I got the title in the Mail. Right now, the student loan is looking to get pushed to Q1 of 2014 because my wife and I have done quite a bit in terms of upgrades to our house.
      I have the same ups and downs with my healthy eating and my workouts as well thomas. It seems like when I make strides in one area, I lose it in another area.

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