May 2012 Monthly Review

May was not kind to me at all – given a rough month in the markets and moving, cleaning out the old place and all the renovation that we’re doing there was little time for anything else.  Heaving spending continued, as we bought all of our kitchen appliances, almost all of the stuff needed for the bathroom (new toilet, sink/vanity, tub, shower equipment, new faucet) and many other tools and equipment to do said jobs correctly.  With all of the time that H and I (and both of our parents, and some of our friends) spent doing work on the house, there was little room for anything else, unfortunately.


This has been up and down for a while, but now that we have closed on the house it’s going to shoot up – I’ve also got a bit more on my credit card than I usually do, which I’m hoping to get most back because of (another) tax mix up.


This is finalized,  and I had meant to talk to H about whether or not she was comfortable sharing the number here, but I never got around to it.  Our payment isnt that much more than our rent was, which is nice.  I’m hoping that after the renovations are finished and the wedding stuff is done, we can come up with a plan of attack for this loan – we’ve talked about it briefly, but have nothing set in stone.

Student Loans

Great Lakes Loan $ 10,786 ($89)  More of the same on this.  A while back when I paid off the last of my “small” (under 4k) debts, I wondered where to go next, and decided that because of all the ancillary costs of the car (like insurance) i’d pay this off first.  Also, if something were to happen and I cant make the payments, they cant repossess my brain, but they can repossess my truck.

Truck Loan

Ford Credit: $ 6,527  ($903):  This is my next target.  In order to keep myself motivated to pay off this goal, I decided to set myself a mini goal.  I finally hit my mini goal!  I havent purchased the brew kit yet as I’m still weighing options and I’ve got the money set aside.  Hopefully I’ll get it soon.

Total Debt: 17,313  This does not include the house but is still awesome.  A long way down from where I was in at 56,500 in December, 2009.

Health Goals

The wheels totally came off of this in may.  According to Mapmyrun, I ran a grand total of 4 times in may, but was able to get the long weekend runs in.  I just was not able to keep up with the weekday runs.  My trips to the gym also feel quite short this month as well, as I was sorely lacking in motivation to actually get out of bed and go – I was even awake, and instead made the choice to just lay there almost every time.

Goal Workouts: 20

Total Workouts: 10

Food Challenges:

This month, in an effort to save some money and start eating what food H and I have, I started a Meat Challenge and a Grocery Store Challenge.  These two challenges will really ramp up in june.  Our CSA delivery is starting sometime this month (I think around the 22), and then we will really be able to get this grocery store challenge in full gear.  Our store expenses have been all over the place lately because of a lack of time to really plan our meals, as well as lack of real cooking equipment – I made pasta on the GRILL the other night, even.

This is wierd to write, but this will be my 2nd to last month of monthly updates as a single person!

How are your yearly goals going?  

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10 thoughts on “May 2012 Monthly Review”

  1. So the manipulators on Wall Street are taking your money too? Well, at least I know it’s not me. Sometimes I swear that they look at my portfolio and drive my stuff down the hardest.

    • I dont have investments that amount to much, but I bought in march 11, and still havent seen anything get back to that level. I bought high, so I cant sell now. Most of it has been the house expenses that keep on coming, and coming

  2. lol @ Money Beagle

    Buying a house is very hectic, things will stabilize for you though later in the summer. All in all great progress from 2009… think of where you will be three years from now. Lightyears!

  3. I don’t want to share how much I owe on the mortgage either. It’s depressing. I just show the monthly payment and that’s plenty of info. A house is a lot of work, that’s why we live in a condo now. The HOA fee is the downside though.

    • I’m not uncomfortable with the amount (I feel like property is cheap here) but H and I have different views on this stuff, so I dont want to do anything that will make her uncomfortable. If I shared the payment, I’ve mentioned that we got a 15 year note and about what the interest rate is, so people could do the math if they really felt like it.

  4. When’s the marathon? Your health goals should be back on track after the race — those long runs are so killer that it can make the short runs seem impossible to tackle! Good luck completing the marathon and getting back on track to sustainable workout goals.

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