March 2012 Monthly Review


This used to be all the debt I have left to pay, but since H and I recently bought a house, this number will obviously increase, though I wont know the exact number until later.  Unfortunately, it added quite a bit to my debt total.  I was hoping to be debt free for like, 1 month before we bought a house, but that didnt quite happen.  It’s not the worst thing in the world, but it does tack on quite a bit of time to my debt free schedule (at least 15 years).

Student Loans

Great Lakes Loan $10,971 ($95)  I hate this loan.  It never goes down.  I got my tax form from them this year, and I paid them over 1,000 in interest.  Finally under 11k on this – I may have a party if I ever get under 10k, though I think this started out around 20k.

Truck Loan

Ford Credit: $7,983  ($577):  This is my next target.  In order to keep myself motivated to pay off this goal, I decided to set myself a mini goal.  The payments that I talked about sending at the end of last month came through, along with my monthly payment as well as an extra $100 that I sent them last week.  Finally, getting somewhere.  Progress on my mini goal is as follows: The balance on the day of the post was about 9,000, and  was trying to pay down 2,250.  That would bring me to 6,750, which is about 1,233 away from where I am right now!  Moving in the right direction, and also the new house will have a few outbuildings, one will be a workshop for me that I can brew in!

Total Debt: 18,954 Unfortunately, this will probably be as low as it will get for a long time (though I dont think the mortgage starts till june, so april and may could be better)

Health Goals

Though the year is out, i’m still going to keep this going in my monthly reviews.  Since I’ve got a goal of running a marathon for next year, I’ll be counting runs in this as well.  I’ve been continuing my weight lifting regimen as well as doing my marathon training, so I’ve been something of an exercise rat as of late.  My week typically has 4 runs (3 short, 1 long) and 5 weightlifting workouts.  I usually do the weights before work at the gym in the morning, and my short runs Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, with the long run on Saturday.  This month was slightly clouded by my trip to new mexico to watch basketball, where I didnt stick with my plan (though that was anticipated).  However, getting back into the routine hasnt been as easy as I would have hoped.

Goal Workouts: 20

For this, I count my gym visits and my runs.  This month I ran 15 times, for a total of 90 miles.   I went to the gym 19 times as well.

Total Visits: 34

Unfortunately, I did end up breaking my streak of going to the gym everyday, during the first weekend.  I had people in from out of town and was running around all day one sunday, and didnt even realize I hadnt been to the gym until about 930 that night, so I just decided to let the streak go.  Of course, I realize now that it was a pretty big motivator to go to the gym.

Food Challenges:

This month, in an effort to save some money and start eating what food H and I have, I started a Meat Challenge and a Grocery Store Challenge.  The meat challenge is going well, and we’ve reduced quite a bit of our food stock as well – which is nice because that way we wont have to move it to the new house.

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11 thoughts on “March 2012 Monthly Review”

  1. It’s going to be difficult to see the debt goes up, but that’s life. Most of us will have to get a mortgage if we want a house. I think it’s a good time to borrow though. My first mortgage had a 9% interest rate (30 years fixed.)

    • I think you’re right joe. I knew this was coming, I just hoped that it was going to be after I was debt free. We got good terms and I’m happy with it, so there’s not much to complain. H and I will chart a course for repayment probably after the honeymoon.

  2. Congrats on all the progress you are making! I’ll be doing something similar to meat and grocery challenge soon! Our side beef is coming the last week of April and the CSA should be starting the first week of May so that’s when my challenge begins!

  3. I have to laugh, because your “goal” of being debt free for a single month is currently mine – we just paid off our last car loan, and so for about three days between when we close on selling on current house and when we close on buying our new home, we will be debt free! WOO HOO!

  4. There is nothing wrong with keeping these posts going strong and saying “debt free except the mortgage.” A mortgage/home ownership is a different beast due to its size, tax advantages, and human nature

  5. Great job on all of your goals! I’m impressed by how long you were able to go to the gym every day. Good luck getting back into the swing of daily workouts — it’s hard sometimes to get back on track, but the marathon goal should help!

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