March 2011 Monthly Review

Hi everyone, glad you’re here.  If you’re new, I update with my financial progress at the end of every month to.  I track the amount of debt that I have and how much I paid over the course of the month.  I’ve also started a to add progress on my health related goals for the year.

The craziness that was last month continued this month, and as expected, I didn’t get the chance to make a debt payment.  I still havent paid the tax man yet either, though, and I’m just kind of sitting on my hands waiting for a few things.  That being said, I’ve made pretty shitty progress since my post whining about how that month was relatively bad in terms of debt repayment progress.  This needs to stop, and once things calm down a bit, I think I’ll have enough to knock out my smallest student loan. Here’s to next month where I stay in more, eat food that I’ve already prepared/bought, and save on gas!

Student Loans

I started out with student loans from 3 companies, but now I only have 2 – I paid one off last year.  My current target is the federal loan, and I’m hoping to have that paid off by the end of the first quarter of 2011.

Direct Loan $2,826 ($517) –There’s still a possibility that I could reach my goal and pay this off by the end of march.  I’ve got some extra checks coming from my old job(s) and I’ve got a check coming from my new job (which I wasnt expecting until May 1).  I think I’ll have more money than I’ll know what to do with for a second, but then I’ll direct my largesse at this loan.  This all should happen the first week of April.

Great Lakes Loan $12,082 ($102)  Just sent my regular minimum payment to this loan. The amount applied to principle seems to change every month – which is totally lame.  This is the last loan marked for payoff.

Truck Loan

This is for my vehicle.  I had already started trying to become debt free when I bought this, so I was quite torn as to wether or not to take on new debt while I was trying to eliminate other debt.  If you want to read more about it, check herehere and here.  Tough decision, but it was in-line with my future goals, and I think I still made the right choice.

Ford Credit: $17,112 ($293): Just made the regular monthly payment on this loan this month.  This one I’m going to try to pay off by the end of the year.  This truck took a beating during the commutes that I made to my jobs, but is still in solid shape.  Even though Im not driving it that much and don’t feel like it will need any repairs anytime soon, I’d like to pay this off and watch my cash flow increase by 300+ per mont.

Health Goals

I’ve also decided to track my health goals for the year.  My goal was to go to the gym a 4 days per week.  Last month, I got to 4 days a week 1 week, then the other weeks I made it 3 days.  I’d like to get more, obviously and I hope that will change this month.

Week of Feb 27: 3 Days
Week of March  6: 2 Days
Week of March 13: 6 Days (!!!)
Week of March 20: 3 Days

Goal Visits: 16
Total Visits: 15

This month was a little sparse at the beginning as I was wrapping up a few projects at my old job and I was working a bit more than I would have normally, so I didn’t get to the gym as much.  Now that I work in town, I’ve replaced one hour from my commute with a trip to the gym.  I’m trying to become a morning gym person, and it seems to work about half of the time.  Hopefully that will pick up and I’ll get a routine established.

How did you fare this month in finances and your yearly goals?  What sort of things are you going to do next month to keep working towards them?  I’ve done well so far, but it’s going to be time to evaluate my progress soon.

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11 thoughts on “March 2011 Monthly Review”

  1. I dont know how you can make it to the gym in the mornings… I struggle to it after work even…but more power to you! Good job on getting one of the student loans paid. I always think how much more I would have a month if I didnt have student loan and car payments…. about $1,000! I could do some damage with that lol.

  2. Good job on the loans! I always liked morning workouts because it started my day with a lot of energy. My goals appear to be on target for year end, although things have slowed down a bit concerning my ranking.

    • Krant –
      Agreed, morning workouts always make you feel better during the day. I think my goals are looking good for the end of the year as well, and this month was a huge help. I had a whole paychecks worth of vacation time from my old job that I got paid out for, so that really helped.

    • Thanks Eliza – It really helps to keep me accountable. These aren’t all of my goals, but most of them are up there and it’s good to have encouragement from readers and to show others that it is possible!

  3. Hi Jeff! This is my first time here on your blog and you have a very interesting blog. I like your sincerity and the way you write your blog. Thanks and more power to you!

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