June 2011 Monthly Review

Hi everyone, glad you’re here.  If you’re new, I update with my financial progress at the end of every month to.  I track the amount of debt that I have and how much I paid over the course of the month.  I’ve also started a to add progress on my health related goals for the year.

This month has progressed like most others recently – I’m still getting used to working in town and all the time it gives me.  It seems like I’m using most of that time to spend money in some form or another.  Another thing I’m getting used to is no longer having a sliding income – something that I really enjoyed when working 2 jobs.  I always knew when I’d need more money for one reason or another, so I was just able to work more – I cant do that anymore.  When I need extra money, it has to come from somewhere (else) now – scarcity reigns in my budget.

Student Loans

I started out with student loans from 3 companies, but now I only have 2 – I paid one off last year.  I haven’t been making extra payments to these loans, but am hoping to resume them soon.  I’ve had a lot of travel the last few months, and a lot of taxes before that.

Direct Loan $2,322 ($139) – Probably the most pitiful showing for this loan since I’ve made it my “Focus”.  From where I’m sitting now, it looks like I’ll be able to send quite a bit to them sometime soon, but unfortunately I just cant say for sure.

Great Lakes Loan $11,823 ($176)  Just sent my regular minimum payment to this loan. I’m working on this one as well, but it will probably be the last debt I pay off.

Truck Loan

This is for my vehicle.  I had already started trying to become debt free when I bought this, so I was quite torn as to wether or not to take on new debt while I was trying to eliminate other debt.  If you want to read more about it, check herehere and here.  Tough decision, but it was in-line with my future goals, and I think I still made the right choice.

Ford Credit: $16,251 533 ($282): Just made the regular monthly payment on this loan this month.  I had a goal to try and pay this off by the end of the year, but I doubt that’s going to happen at this point – I’m way too far behind.  I also signed this up for auto-payment after almost forgetting about it this month.

Total Debt Remaining: 32,209

There’s still quite a bit remaining, but I’m still going in the right direction!

Health Goals

I’ve also decided to track my health goals for the year.  My goal was to go to the gym a 4 days per week. Now that I’ve worked in town for a full month, I’m absolutely killing this.  I go 5-6 days per week before work in the morning and it’s awesome!

Week of June 6  27: 4 Days
Week of June 13:  6 Days
Week of June 20:  5 Days
Week of June 27:  5 Days

Goal Visits: 20
Total Visits: 20

This one was very easy this month, though the numbers dont look like it.  At work, we are doing a program where if you exercise every day for 24/30 days in june, (and complete 2 other work sponsored programs) you’ll get 40/month taken off of your health insurance premium – totally worth it to me, because I was working out anyway!  Along with that, I’ve been training for a race I’ll be talking about soon, and have been doing 2 workouts a day for most of the days I’ve been working out – weights in the morning, cardio (usually running, but sometimes biking) in the evening.  Its been fun.

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17 thoughts on “June 2011 Monthly Review”

  1. You’re doing great with your work out schedule. It’s all about getting into the routine. I’m back to work full time now and I’m working on getting back up to speed at the gym too. (I go to the gym at lunch.)

    • Good luck with getting back up to speed at the gym – I’ve found that it’s difficult to get there, but after you get there, you always want to go right back when you leave! I hope you’re not missing the baby too much now that you’re back at work.

  2. Awesome job on the goals! That’s a great perk at work, $40 off your health insurance to work out — great additional motivation!

  3. You are doing so good! I know what you mean about having to dip in to savings when other sources are no longer available. I used to be able to work as many hours as I wanted at my contractor job. (comp programming) Now, there isn’t much work to do, so I just work what I can.

    Keep up the great exercising too!

  4. Keep plugging away. You are doing great! And my advice would be to pay off that truck loan ASAP and then start applying the “payments” to a separate bank account so next time you buy a vehicle you can use that money and not have any loan.

    • Thanks denise! That’ll be the plan. I’m not driving the truck anywhere near as much as I used to, so its lifetime has greatly expanded.

  5. You’re doing great. I’d say focus on the truck more and get that sucker paid down. The student loans are probably at a lower APR, right? They also reflect differently on your credit report if that matters to you as well. Good job on the working out. I’m curious about what you’re training for.

    • The truck is actually at a much, much lower APR than the student loans – one of my student loans is around 2.5%, one (the smaller one) is the 6.8% federal rate, and because I bought my truck right after the auto industries went to Washington with their hat in hand and begged for change, I got a .9% rate on the truck!

  6. Congrats on hitting the gym so often; staying in shape will yield incalculable returns in the long-run! Can’t put a price on a healthy life down the road.

    • I think that’s absolutely right darwin – there’s no price you can put on good heath. Its one thing that can be taken away from you through no fault of your own in a moments notice.

  7. The thing that I am most impressed with is your health goals. Great job. I am totally using the weather as an excuse to not go.

    • I can totally understand – it’s always so easy to find an excuse to not do something. I give in far too often in the mornings as well.

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