July 2013 Monthly Review

July, like June, was another big month for us.  We celebrated our first anniversary in alaska, and lots of the money that we were spending on the house came due.  Like I mentioned in last month, we got new windows, and it cost about 8300 total.  We took a financing offer they gave us -12 months 0%, so we have added some new debt to the list.  We will be working quickly to pay it off, and because of this, we decided to knock the student loans back off of their perch and lower the payment, starting in august.  Once that’s done, we will be back to full bore ahead on the student loan.

It feels like we’ve been out of control with our finances lately (we spent 10k on the house alone in june) and so we’ve instituted a spending diary strategy.  For now, we are each going to write down what we spent, when, how much and why.  Im hoping that this will lower our spending, in addition to taking a break on the house projects and basically tying up some loose ends of things that we have not quite finished yet (like putting the doorknob on the bathroom door).


We were down to two debts, but decided to take advantage of a pretty solid deal for getting some new windows in our house.  I’ve mentioned before that we’ve got about 30 windows upstairs alone, and of those, I think about 5 open because they were not opened at all (Im guessing) during the tenure of the previous owner.  Having windows that open will be a nice change of pace.

This is also the 2nd time (including house) that my debt has increased since december 2009.


Mortgage $115,293   +539 (??) I am not exactly sure what is going on here.  Our balance at the end of may was 115,838, and our balance at the end of june was 114,754.  Something is going on here, but it looks like that I could just be doing my math wrong or that I double counted somewhere along the line. The bank says our payment is current. I’ll see what this does in august and decide on what to do.

Windows $7,300 – This is the amount we financed for our window purchase.  They offered us a 0% rate for a year, so we took it.  I know it’s still new debt, but this will go a long way in keeping the heat in our house once winter rolls around.  Unfortunately we couldnt do all the windows upstairs, but we did most of them.  We are currently crafting a payoff plan for this, and will most likely start making payments towards this in august.

Student Loans

Great Lakes Loan $ 7,583  ($569) This is what we’ve been focusing on lately, after we paid off the truck loan, and now we are starting to see some big movement here. For now, these payments we have decided to bump down to $200 per month (starting in august) and focus on the windows.  It’s really disappointing shifting focus when we are making such huge strides here, but I’ll at least be able to see the windows every day.

Total Debt: $130,176  +$7,270

Not shocking here as we finally upgraded our windows and got insulation in the house, which is something that will save us an undetermined (as of yet) amount of money going forward. I’m not positive what to expect quite yet, but last year for December through March, we were paying almost $200/month for energy costs (lights and gas) for 2 people in a ~2000 sqft home.  That is a lot of money, so we decided to go heavy on the energy upgrades this summer (and it’s much more sustainable). We will see how much we can save this winter, and expect a full report.

Health Goals

I dropped out of the death race about 30 hours in, mainly due to problems with my knee.  I had it looked at when I got back, and while the doctor said there was nothing wrong (I had self diagnosed a minor MCL problem) she gave me some anti inflammatory pills for 2 weeks and told me to stay away from certain exercises. For the most part, I took about 5 weeks off of working out in june and most of july, and am planning on getting back into it once the rodeo is over.  I’ve already signed up for next years death race, so I’ll know quite a bit more on how to train later and be able to work on areas that I thought I was deficient.

Workouts: 3

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5 thoughts on “July 2013 Monthly Review”

  1. Death Race? You are crazy for even trying it, and I can’t believe you are signed up for next year!

    Congrats on the windows. I don’t know if you’ll see a huge benefit in summer time up north, but I bet you’ll see a big difference in your heating bill in the winter.

  2. The windows would be very nice in the winter. I would like to hear if it makes much difference in the heating bill. If it makes a big impact, they will pay for themselves in no time.

    • I will let you know how the heating bill turns out this winter compared to last winter. Im expecting with the windows AND insulation, that we will see a pretty big difference.

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