January 2013 Monthly Review

Things have been busy around here, which explains the lower number of posts than usual.  I’m trying to finish up processing my elk right now, and I’m doing quite a bit more in terms of processing than last year (making sausage for one).  We are still working on the bathroom, and are very, very close to a point where we can actually finish up the tiling and take a shower upstairs (Something I have never done, in 8 months of living here.  Hopefully that will all quiet down in early february, so H and I can spend some much needed time relaxing and not doing much (or gutting the basement).

It’s the first month of the new year and it’s time for my check in.  Finally, things here got back to normal, as H and I had no trips, and no super large expenses (though I did have to get new tires for my truck).  Earlier in January I talked about our financial goals, and it’s time for the first check in on those.


These are all of my debts. Right now, that includes a vehicle loan, a mortgage and 1 student loan. When I started, I had 3 credit cards, 3 student loans and no vehicle loans. Everything that I’m still paying off now (with the exception of the student loan) has been incurred since I’ve tried to become debt free. Funny how that works out, eh?


Mortgage $ 118,538 ($0) – This didnt change because I did the december review so late that our january payment had already been made.  Everything is going fine with this though.

Student Loans

Great Lakes Loan $ 9,211 ($140) Unfortunately, this isn’t quite as pleasing as last month, when I found the $600 credit to my bill.  Oh well, this is still moving in the right direction.

Truck Loan

Ford Credit: $3,755 ($626): H and I have a goal to pay this off at the end of Q2, and it looks like we are doing just fine.  I was able to make 1 full extra payment this month.  It will be nice to have this money back as free cash, as well as the money from lowering the insurance.  This month is the 3 year anniversary of my first payment on this loan.

Total Debt: 131, 504 ($766) – This is a lower per amount reduction than normal, but it’s because of the timing of the mortgage payment.  High, but I’m still OK with it.

Health Goals

Im starting off the year well in this area, just like last year.  I’ve been to the gym almost everyday, and my training for the death race continues.  The training is odd at times and fun at times, but I’m moving forward.  My focus was to use january to get into a habit of going to the gym in the morning, which has worked well.  Now that february is here, it’s time to focus on something else: my diet.  I’ve never been one to much concern myself with what I ate.  I just ate at meal times, and didnt really think about how that was affecting me.  I’m not going on a diet, but I am changing the frequency with which I eat.  I’ve started to eat 6 times a day, 3 meals and 3 snacks, and I’m eating smaller portions than normal.  This is supposed to keep my energy up, and maintain a balance of 300-500 calories (+/-) between the amount I’m taking in and the amount I’m burning at any give time.  I’ll hopefully have an update at the end of february.

By far though, the hardest workout was pulling the elk out 2+ miles to the truck when I went hunting.  Even though I’ve been training with my pack and doing lots of workouts, it was still physically exhausting.  Maybe next year it will be easier – it should if I train all year.

Goal Workouts: 20

Total Workouts: 35

Im also thinking of changing this from a set number of workouts to some other sort of metric.  I’m not exactly sure what though, and hopefully I will figure something out by february.


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  1. I thought I’d chicken-out and go straight back to eating more meat than I ever had before but I was mistaken. It was starting to make a little more sense to me and after a while I found that I was having more meatless days than I was eating meat. So I decided to go the whole hog and just cut meat entirely out of my diet, which I’ve successfully done for over a month now!

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