How to Host a Comfortable and Eco-Friendly Multi-Day Event

If you are super organized, putting together a large-scale event might be one of your favorite things to do. From making sure that all guests are able to gain entry without any delay, to checking in with your security detail, vendors and entertainers, you might be running around behind the scenes but keeping everything going smoothly is sure to bring you satisfaction.

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Having restroom and shower facilities available in the most convenient location will help to prevent long lines and complaints of trespass from adjacent properties. If you want all event attendees to remain comfortable without harming the environment, these next suggestions will help you to plan a fabulous multi-day event.

Supply Recycling Bins

When you are a guest at a large event and you need to dispose of waste, you are probably going to utilize the first garage receptacle that you find. Whether guests at your event are going to be camping out or staying in private quarters, you want them to be able to recycle responsibly to help prevent the area from being overwhelmed with litter. Putting out clearly marked recycling bins will enable guests to separate plastic items from cardboard and glass, and the premises will stay a lot cleaner. You can place recycling baskets near your restroom trailers to make it as easy as possible for guests to place their trash in the right areas.

Stock Bathrooms with Eco-Friendly Toiletries

If you keep your guests bathrooms stocked with recycled toilet paper and eco-friendly paper products, your event will not negatively affect the local environment. Keep vegan soaps in guest bathrooms and prevent harsh chemicals from going down the drain. Everyone will be able to stay fresh and clean, and you will be happy to know that there has been no disruption to the environmental balance.

Give Each Guest an Environmentally Conscious Gift Bag

Even though your guests will likely be coming with their own toiletries, you can encourage them to do their part to save the environment by giving them sustainable bathroom and beauty products. From reusable feminine hygiene supplies to shower caps made from recycled materials, each guest will want to sample and test out what you put inside of their goodie bags. Not only will your guests immediately feel more comfortable while enjoying your event, there will be a marked uptick in environmentally friendly behaviors on site.

Knowing that everyone at your event is working hard to keep the environment intact will inspire you to plan similar shindigs in the future. It is easy for humans to reduce their negative impact on the land, especially when they are thoughtful and responsible. At the same time, the home comforts people are used to can still be maintained if environmental sustainability is kept in mind.

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