Honeymoon: Thailand pt 2 – Phuket

For the second portion of our honeymoon in thailand (first portion here), we went to southern thailand to relax at a beach resort, and take some tours. ¬†We were only there for 3 days ūüôĀ but still had a great time. ¬†For the first day, we didnt really do much as we left bangkok mid afternoon and didnt have a full day there. ¬†Thankfully, the resort had a portion of the beach specifically for its guests, so we were able to relax at the beach and by the pool for most of that day. ¬†It was nice for me to finally be able to get back into the ocean – I havent been near one in ages. ¬†(This is a picture heavy honeymoon post, so feel free to skip)

Below is a picture of “the beach” (apparently it was a movie, I had no idea). ¬†We took a speedboat to the beach, and as I found out fishing in alaska, I dont do well on small boats on the ocean. ¬†Thankfully I didnt puke, but for a while I felt like I was going to. ¬†This beach was really nice (I believe the island was phi phi don) but it was super crowded – because all of the tour companies too their groups here for the first stop.

This is a picture from what the tour guides called monkey island.  There were monkeys everywhere, and we stopped quickly and fed them bananas Рonce again, there were tons of people here too, and while I was fine with feeding the monkey a banana, there were quite a few people who fed the monkeys other things, and quite a few people who got careless and the monkeys took  their things.  I saw a monkey drinking coke from a can that someone had given him (which I thought was funny) but I couldnt help but wonder: Were we actually doing the monkeys a favor by feeding them, or were we making them depend on the tourists for food?

If I remember correctly, this monkey below was kind of the king of the island, and stole lots of bananas from the smaller monkeys. ¬†If you look really close though, you’ll see why – this monkey had a baby monkey that was clinging to its chest (you can kind of see the ear under the monkeys arm). ¬†This monkey was obviously the favorite of the tourists because of the baby monkey.

Another shot of a monkey doing something that my mind typically reserves for human behavior – It was pretty funny I thought.

Below is a view from the boat – lots of nice little islands and such sticking out of the water – it reminded me a lot of some of the pictures that I took when I was in alaska.

This is a view of the coast when we were returning to the island – there were a lot of huge homes tucked into the hills behind the trees, and I kind of wondered who they belonged to – it didnt really seem like many thai people could afford something like that, though you never know.

This is from the boat tour on the second day.  We were on a much bigger boat and I didnt feel crappy on this day.  One of the things that we got to do frequently was get out of the boat and kayak Рthis is a shot of us entering the first kayak cave.  Unfortunately the tide was too low for us to do what they normally did and go as far in, but it was still an amazing sight.

This is a picture from when you got out of the cave.  You ended up in this valley that from what I understood has water most times, but if the tide is very low, it would be completely dry in there Рthough I dont remember exactly.  H and I had a lot of fun in the kayak here, but once again, as we were leaving the people started to fill up the very small passageway in the caves for the boats, and that was kind of annoying.

Below is what they call “James Bond Island” or Khao Phing Kan. ¬†This island was used in the set of the james bond movie The Man with the Golden Gun (Rodger Moore). ¬†The island was super cool but again, there were a ton of people there and a few areas to buy some gifts (we bought magnets). ¬†It was actually part of a national park (Ao Phang Nga National Park), so there were quite a few protections on the island, which was nice – there were also a lot of geographical protections, as the area was quite steep and not really suitable to build something. ¬†With this park, i’ve been to national parks on 3 continents.

That is the last of our beach times in thailand (unfortunately) and will be the last of the pictures for the honeymoon. ¬†H and I had a great time, and it was nice to sit and relax and not really have to worry about anything while we were over there. ¬†The honeymoon is over now though, and it’s back to reality and work and all of that not-so-fun stuff.


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13 thoughts on “Honeymoon: Thailand pt 2 – Phuket”

  1. Nice pictures. I love that area and will try to visit more in the future. Unfortunately, it is getting more and more crowded every day. Maybe I’ll explore the surrounding area more next time. Phuket is way too busy.

    • There was a whole ton of people joe, and even when we were on the tours they were full of people because all the tours went to the same spot. I wish someone would put a little more thought into where they went and avoided the crowds.

  2. I’ve always wanted to go see the beach in “The Beach”. Looks like such a beautiful place. The only thing I wouldn’t like is the same thing you didn’t like. Too many people.

    • that was probably the only bad thing – but of course, I had never heard of the movie before we got there. It was an amazing place though.

    • Uh no, we couldnt get “on” the actual island that’s in the picture – it was a national park in thailand. It didnt look like there was too much to see on the actual island either, and it would have been difficult to get to!

    • Great question – I have been on trips where I’ve been to so many attractions and switched cities so often that the whole trip felt like I was in-transit and didnt really get to enjoy myself much. Thankfully, this trip didnt feel like that, but honestly I would have liked probably 1-2 more free days at the beach.

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