Honeymoon: Japan

After a super long flight from LAX to tokyo, we landed at about 8pm tokyo time, and were absolutely dead tired.  We were staying in akasaka area of tokyo, which was a few train rides from narita airport, which we sleepily navigated with some help from a few friendly train station employees.  Once we got to the hotel, we quickly checked in, then promptly fell asleep – with both of us waking at around 3am, ready to start the day.  We were able to go back to sleep, and finally got to enjoy tokyo.

This is the imperial palace grounds in tokyo – an awesome place to around and see historical buildings.  They had some amazing gardens on site, and it was free as well.  This is one of the first things we did in Tokyo.  This involved a lot of walking, and afterward we went to the museum of contemporary art (or something), that had a lot of really sweet scrolls and stuff as well.

The tokyo metro government building.  I couldnt believe that just the city government was this big, but it was. I later found out that tokyo is the equivalent of a city/state, so this doesnt seem too over the top.  This building had an awesome view – even though it was slightly cloudy outside (which was not unwelcome, as it was hot).

A view from the tokyo metropolitan government tower.

This is from the tokyo zoo, which we happily went and explored.  Unfortunately, we got there a bit late, and had to rush through the zoo (in the rain) but we were still able to see everything.  All this guy did was sit around exactly like that and chow down.  Not a bad life, except for the whole cage thing.

One of our favorite meals in japan (though just about everywhere we ate was awesome.  This is what H got – singapore black pepper fried rice, a soup and some tiger beer.  The fried rice was so good, I immediately regretted not getting it.
Overall, we had an awesome time in japan, and the food was great and everyone was so helpful.  I really liked how easy it was to get around on the train (neither of us speak the language) and H liked the fact that it was very orderly and clean.
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9 thoughts on “Honeymoon: Japan”

  1. We have traveled to Japan twice to visit my husband’s family near Osaka. Even though my husband used to live in Tokyo, we have never been there. The crowds sort of intimidate me. 🙂 Looks like you had a good time. What made you choose Japan?

  2. My fiance and I are in the process of planning our honeymoon right now. Lots of options (overwhelming).

    Any advice on what you may do differently/wish you would have done?

    • Probably would have had a bit more time in tokyo, as well as at the beach in phuket. If I could have taken more time, I would have liked to go up to the north in thailand as well. Have you selected a destination yet?

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