3 fantastic ways to get even greener

Trying to fight the green fight can sometimes feel like a losing battle. Chimney stacks still sputter across the globe, major governments are slow to act with any kind of meaningful change and the fate of the planet seems secondary when compared to the fate of the economy.

According to political commentator and eco-activist Naomi Klein, the continued importance of capital means that environmental concerns are never fully addressed – and it could lead Earth to its doom.

This doom and gloom could make your efforts feel like little more than spitting in the wind. But the need to use your personal life as an eco-beacon to others can still make a great impact.

Even when mega-corporations and moustache-twirling oil barons are putting the world on its last legs, you can at least know that your conscience is clear.

With that in mind, we’ve come up with a few ways to help you keep yourself on the right environmental tracks.

The correct delivery

We’ve all got to send a parcel at some time or another. Whether it’s a keepsake to your overseas relative or a delivery to a client, it will be expending a huge amount of energy.

But whether you want to send a parcel to China or Australia, it’s important to know who your supplier is.

Before you decide to send a parcel, contact your chosen delivery team to discover what their environmental policy is. And if they outsource to third party companies, check them too.

It can be easy to shrug off your responsibility in this area. But if you really believe in being eco-friendly, check out your post before you send it.

A solar option

Only a few years ago, solar panels felt like a dream purchase. They were impractical for small homes and far too expensive for the average homeowner.

So let’s thank the changing times that they’ve reduced in price. Year on year, solar panels have become cheaper – all while rising in efficiency.

While countries like the UK can’t use them all the time (those fulminating grey clouds wouldn’t allow it), they can act as a perfect supplementary power source for those who wish to reduce their reliance on fossil fuels.

In your neighbourhood

Neighbours – we’re told that everyone deserves a good one. And if you want to prove that you’re a fantastic neighbour, try to help the people in your local area with their recycling.

Setting up a recycling programme in your area can be the ideal way to feel less like a solitary eco-maverick and more like a community in action.

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