Going Through A Health Struggle

It may not be pleasant to think about, but there may come a time when a loved one is faced with a health struggle. Depending on the severity of the health struggle your life may be turned upside down. To avoid this sort of thing happening, it may be in your best interest to think some things through and take care of some business proactively to make such a situation more manageable.


Make sure all adults in the household know how your insurance works. Be sure to know how to contact them and discuss things with the insurance company. During these times you will most likely be in talks with them and need to go over things for your patient loved one. Often times you will need to be an advocate for them. Sometimes they just are a back office that may check off something on paper that could cost you thousands of dollars. Pay attention and be aware of how things work.


Are your finances properly set up to handle a health crisis. As most people are aware, hospital stays, doctors, ambulances and the like cost a pretty penny. Make sure everyone is aware of how to access funds and where they are. Share passwords with one another or keep in a safe spot that the other person can access. Often times this can be a problem if the individual who knows all of this information is non responsive or not completely with it to be able to communicate with the family where the information can be found. Not only financial information, but utilities, like Gas South bills and cable bills. If they aren’t paid than you may be putting your family more into a bind.


It is nice for your spouse to be aware of your medical records and past issues. If you are extremely organized you may even keep a binder or folder for each person so that it can be accessed quickly in the event of a health crisis. The more the doctors know these situation, the better. Often times they don’t know your past so the more they are aware of will allow them to treat you to the best of their abilities. It is also important that all legal documents are completed prior to a health scare. Do you have a living will done? Do you have your beneficiaries in line? All of this can be a potential problem.

No one likes to think about a loved one being ill or going through a tough time. However, it is extremely important that everyone is up to speed and knows how to handle the situation if it should arrive.

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