Get Started on Your Project

Everyone has one. That project they’ve always wanted to get started, but there’s never time, and always something else to do. Whether it’s scrapbooking, writing a book or even starting your own business, they’re all projects it’s easy not to find time for, putting them off until one day you find you’ve missed your chance.

It’s time to seize the reins, take control and finally get around to the project you’ve always wanted to with this short guide.

How to Succeed

Before you can start, you need to know what finishing looks like: if you don’t have a clear end in mind, you’ll soon be disheartened, mired in the middle of a hobby that’s suddenly taking up all your time with no way out.

Decide what success will look like for you, and be realistic. If, given your other commitments, good progress looks like 1000 words a week of the book you want to write, set that as a goal. Shooting for the stars is all very well but if you don’t have a realistic chance of hitting them, set a more achieveable target. Nothing leeches away your motivation like regular failure.

Also decide what your failure conditions look like: if you need to put money into this project, set a budget and if it starts to run over, you need to bring things to a close.

Find Space

Set aside a space to work on your project. Whether that means having a spare room turned into an office you’re running your ebay store from, or simply a box of crafting materials kept by a favourite comfy chair, giving this project space will make it easier to work on: it will become part of your life and routine.

If you need more space than you can spare at home, it’s worth looking into storage firms. If you’re looking at self storage London companies often offer additional facilities like power outlets and meeting rooms to make them attractive to audiences beyond people storing excess furniture. This could be the solution you need to kickstart your project!

Be Ruthless

You need to regard project-time as an important commitment. Don’t allow yourself to cancel it because of invitations from friends or other calls on your time. You’ve decided that this is important so schedule your time in advance and stick to that schedule.

Using a calendar, digital or physical to plot out the time you’ve allotted to work on this project will help send a clear signal to friends and family members that you’re serious about this and not to be disturbed until you’ve succeeded!

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