February 2015 Monthly Review

Cart track in Upperaustria leads to the sky.

These keep getting later and later into the month, but I’ve been working on the new site design (and have been, for probably about 8 months) and it should be ready to go live soon. There’s a lot of new stuff, and will go into where SLB will go and my renewed focus for the site once everything changes over. I think it looks pretty good if I do say so myself but we will see how it works.

Unfortunately, we had an expensive month, as our daugther spend about 3 days in the hospital. We’ve got that bill to look forward to, but we also have our taxes coming back with a positive number, so I’m happy about that. We are still spending WAY too much on useless things, but we are working on it and overall our numbers are moving the right way. They just are not as good as they can be.

I’ve got a post in the que about why we are choosing to divert some of our extra cash to our mortgage, even though the rate is 3.375%. There’s been quite a bit written about it, but we have been looking at it from a bit different angle.


Mortgage $ 102, 937 (-$778) This is continuing to go down steadily, and we are happy with the way this is progressing. At the end of 2014 we upped the extra payment to $250 every two weeks. Unfortunately, I set it up wrong and it didnt paydown that amount every time in January. That has been fixed, and we will continue to send $250 every two weeks to our note (in addition to our normal payment). By my calculations, we should be free of this debt in 6 years or so. Due to this, I’ve been casually looking around for a 7/1 ARM at a lower rate than we have now, but that has proven difficult. We have a low rate right now, I can’t find anyone willing to give me a rate that makes it worth switching.

Total Debt: $ 102, 937

It’s nice only have 1 source of debt (and even then, we know we can sell our house for more than what we owe on it. Now that this number is solidly in control, it’s time to ramp up our savings.


Goals in this area are pretty straight forward – Max out traditional IRAs for both of us, contribute to my wife’s 457 plan (Im not eligible for a retirement plan yet at my new job) and put the rest into our savings accounts, listed below.

Vacation fund $1,000 – A dip in this account was cause by our severe cash flow issue (wife’s employer messed up her paycheck last month, so she was paid much less this month), so we had to move a bit out of savings to cover it.

Emergency Fund $9,500 – We are working building this back up after pulling some out to do some renovations to our house. This will go up a bit slower than it was last year, as we’ve diverted part of the money that was going in here to my wife’s 457 plan.

The year is plugging on just fine, and I’m hoping everything will continue like this.

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