Eco business: how to keep yours clean

It seems like the facts about climate change have been around forever, and for younger readers that might well feel like the case. Yet no matter how vital the information contained in An Inconvenient Truth or The Shock Doctrine seem, few companies have been willing to jump on the climate change bandwagon and help the environment in a meaningful way.

Major brands like Tesco, B&Q and DuPont have made great gains with carbon reduction in their business, yet their progress is relatively minor when compared with the amount that realistically needs to change if the climate is to remain stable.

Every business has to be able to markedly reduce its carbon footprint if the world is to remain safe for habitation. But, as Naomi Klein’s book The Shock Doctrine has made abundantly clear, free market capitalism will continue to diminish the climate and environment.

But you’re not a mega-corporation polluting the world with a chimney stack and wads of money. You’re a straight-up small business with an honest work ethic.

And your effort doesn’t have to be like spitting in the wind. With specific products you can make your company eco-friendly and do your bit for the environment – without ruining your profits.

The right adhesive

If you’re in the construction business, you’ll be more than aware of how much waste goes into the manufacture of any product. Sawdust on the floor, spent glues congealing on work surfaces and pieces of pointless plastic stacking up in the waste basket – it’s all symptomatic of a wasteful environment.

You don’t however, have to waste everything in a workshop. For a start, try out Tensor’s composite adhesive, which is designed to minimize wastage thanks to its high-pressure canister. Investing in one of these canisters will minimize waste, maximize the longevity of your product and, in turn, contribute towards a cleaner environment.

Keep employees in the know

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re a free-wheeling climate change radical. But that doesn’t mean your employees are on the same wavelength. Some might even be cynical about the existence of climate change, especially if you’re located in the US.

This is your company, however, and you make the rules. No matter what the personal beliefs of your employer, you have to make it clear that you won’t stand for poor recycling protocol.

You can do this by sending out regular emails outlining your recycling and energy policy, and having semi-regular training sessions with them will ensure that, despite their conflicting opinions with you, they won’t have any excuse for avoiding eco-protocol.

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