December 2011 Monthly Review

Sorry this is so late – my posting calendar got filled up with end of year things over the holdiays, and I just forgot this was in here!

I’ve been feeling rather uncomfortable with my finances and my debt repayment lately, and I havent been able to quite figure out why.  Looking over my numbers, it looks like I’m making progress, but it doesnt seem like I actually am making progress.  Very frustrating situation, let me tell you.  It also seems like I’ve been having to make  quite a bit of forward purchases that are rather expensive (like my wedding suit).  Obviously, I’ll be able to wear it more than once, but it was still a large chunk of money.  Through of 2011 I was only able to make (read: choose to make) 1 payment on my debt above the minimums, and even ended up getting screwed on that (thanks, direct loans).

This year, I’m trying to renew my focus on finances after taking a break of a little over a year.  I’ve got a few wedding related expenses that are coming up so I’ll need to watch out for those.  I still need to pay for my suit (I picked one out, but wont be paying for it until I pick it up), I need a shirt and a tie as well.  I’ve got to pay for some march madness tickets for a mini vacation in march with H and her sister and buy a conservation stamp for hunting.  Other than that, I dont think there will be any more big expenses, so I’ll need to keep up with the small stuff that typically breaks me during the month.

Student Loans

Great Lakes Loan $11,247($98)  I hate this loan.  It never goes down.

Truck Loan

Ford Credit: $9,161 ($302):  This one will be my next target.  Just made the minimum payment here, and am hoping to get more to pay towards it in january. I’m hoping i’ll be able to have it paid off by the time I get married.  I’ve also figured out another game for this to help me pay it down faster, which you’ll read about friday.

Health Goals

Though the year is out, i’m still going to keep this going in my monthly reviews.  Since I’ve got a goal of running a marathon for next year, i’ll be counting runs in this as well.  I’ve got my marathon training all mapped out, and I start at the end of this month!

Goal Workouts: 20

Total Visits: 8

Not great this month, but I was on the road for quite a bit and wasnt able to use my home gym.  Of course, that’s just an excuse, but now that I’ve got focused goals for next year, i’m hoping to blow this one out of the park for the year.  I’d like to keep up my weight lifting as well as adding running to the mix, so that should be pretty easy to make.  I wont start my marathon program until february, but I’ll be “priming” in january, running a few miles a couple of days per week (probably 3 miles a clip, 2 times per week for those curious.

One thing I am happy about is that this post used to be about 1,000 words, and now that i’ve eliminated 5 of 7 debts, it’s less than 500!
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14 thoughts on “December 2011 Monthly Review”

  1. You’re making fantastic progress. I hope you can get the truck loan out of the way. If you do, will you be applying the payments toward the student loan or saving for your next car? If you shift those to the loan, that will stop dropping quick.

    • I’ll shift payments to the student loan – I bought the truck in 12-2009, so it’s still really new. Also, now that I walk to work, I really dont drive it that much – so I dont really anticipate needing a new car in the next 8 years.

  2. I love the fact that your post has gone down in numbers, too!

    Your progress is incredible. Also, you’re running a marathon?! How did I miss that? I respect runners so much. I hate running. I was terrible at tag.

    • that’s probably about the best way to put it – life got in the way of my debt repayment all year, but I wont let that happen this year! Be gone, truck loan!

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