Crowdfunding campaign “RELAXFAIR”: Sustainable & fair lounges from Germany

Under the headline “Relax For a Better World” the German company RELAXFAIR developed a lounge that is 100% recycled and produced by well-paid seamstresses in Germany. The lounge is sold via the crowdfunding platform Indiegogo and only after 24 hours the project hit their 20% milestone.

Sustainability surrounds us everywhere: You can wear clothes out of organic cotton, eat wholefood products or live in an energy-efficient house. But sustainable and fair produced furniture is still rare today. RELAXFAIR was founded to also let our furniture be sustainable.

Since many years the number of employees working in western textile and clothing industries is reducing. For example in Germany over 185.000 people were working in this branch in the year 2000 – 2014 this number shrank to 77.800 workers. These numbers show how much the German textile branch has to fight against the cheap competitors from China and Bangladesh. Since at least the building of Rana Plaza collapsed in Bangladesh 2013, the consuming majority in the western world is aware that the local workers suffer a lot under the low prices for clothing and textile products. Lately, more and more social companies and startups are trying to build a contrast program to mass production in developing countries. An example for this gives the startup RELAXFAIR from Heidelberg in Germany, which wants to realize sustainable and fair produced furniture.

RELAXFAIR has the vision to combine sustainability, fair working conditions and social commitment. To be precise, the company has developed a lounge, which is 100% recycled and is being produced in Germany under fair working conditions. Furthermore, 20% of their annual profits are being donated to social and green organizations. Their motto: “Relax for a better world”.

The lounge comes in two versions. The covering of the indoor version is made out of highly comfortable and recycled cotton and polyester, which provides both modern style and comfort. The outdoor version is optimized to relax outside. The fabric is a recycled nylon and therefore it is tear proof, dirt- and water-repellent. All lounges have an innovative two-chamber filling system, e two parts are filled with a mix of recycled polystyrene and sustainable foam flakes. Therefore you are able to remove the outer shell and wash it.

Currently RELAXFAIR is available in a crowdfunding campaign on the internet platform The idea of crowdfunding is, that people who like the vision or the product can contribute to these projects and support them. This can start with 5$ and end with the purchase of the final product. The goal of the campaign is to reach 10.000$. “For us it is important to pursue our vision of sustainable and fair furniture together with our community. Only together we can succeed to set a new trend in the industry“ the founders say. In addition to the lounge it is possible to purchase the suitable ottoman, as well as the RELAXFAIR chair pads. After only 24 hours the campaign reached their 20% milestone.

If you like to support RELAXFAIR and the vision of a sustainable furniture industry, you are able to get the RELAXFAIR products as a special offer only until November 14th 2016 HERE (

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