A Guide to Find Reliable Gold Bullion Dealers Online

Purchasing bullion is a convenient way of investing in gold. They are typically available in bars, coins, or ingots and are easy to store. Moreover, the metal is considered as a safe haven by many investors. 

Investing is no longer a tedious task in these evolving times. Online stores are eventually replacing physical stores. You can experience a seamless and enjoyable buying experience by browsing through sites like goldstackers.com.au

The process of selecting one out of many numerous dealers may get overwhelming at times. There are a few things to be aware of while transacting with online dealers. To ensure an authentic and trouble-free operation, we present a guide for finding a reliable gold bullion dealer online. 

Understand the Dealer Profile

A reputed dealer typically has substantial years of industry experience. An extensive presence in the market enables the dealers to establish their brand, identity, and goodwill. Being an active participant keeps them aware of the changing dynamism of the industry. They are able to provide good quality products and services.

The involvement of the subsequent generations in the business is indicative of the dealer’s strong business model. Thus you get a fairly good idea about the strengths and operations from the business profile and background.   

Easy to Contact

While it is true that online purchasing is far more convenient than visiting the store in person, reputed online dealers typically have a physical office. This makes the existence of the dealer more substantial and increases the confidence of the buyer. Moreover, apart from online support, these dealers offer offline support as well.

For getting concerns and queries resolved, it is comfortable to talk to the customer support team instead of having long chats. Hence you must figure out the contact credentials of the dealer before sealing the deal.  

Feedback and Reviews

It is essential to get feedback and reviews on the dealer. In the world of social media, you can quickly get tons of reviews online. Going through multiple feedback aids in gauging the business etiquette of the dealer. It also helps in having fairly rough statistics on the number of transactions closed and the quantum of satisfied and disgruntled customers. Availing a few primary feedback from other investors who have dealt with the dealer authenticates online reviews.

The Delivery

Don’t consider the purchase complete until the product gets delivered. Well-known dealers have a proven track record of successful and timely deliveries. They typically assist with multiple delivery options. In case you choose to receive the product at your home, you should be provided with a mechanism to receive real-time updates on the order’s movement.

Alternatively, you can also collect the bullion in person at the physical store after presenting the valid identity and purchase proofs. The dealers may also extend the option of delivering the bullion to a renowned vault for safe storage. 

Whether a first-time purchaser or a frequent online buyer, it is important to follow the above guidelines before each transaction. Considering the above guide, you may like to embark on the journey of online purchasing, which is just a click away.

Considering Going Freelance? Here’s How

So, you’ve decided to become a freelancer. You’ve considered your options and maybe gotten a few vital contacts. Freelancing is an excellent way to work on your terms. You can offer your services to multiple employers and refine your sellable skills. Best of all, you get to set your hours!

Whether you’re a painter, writer, web developer, or a photographer – there are projects for you!

What is your plan? Side hustle freelancing? Full-time freelancing? Regardless of your choice, you’ll need to prepare yourself for the journey ahead.

Here are six strategies to guide you.

4 Crucial Points to Consider Before Becoming a Freelancer

1. Understand Your Motivations

Before starting out, you must come to terms with your motivations. Be honest with yourself before committing to comprehensive business plans. Ask yourself why you want to go freelance? Is it to run your own business? To harness your talent or passion? Consider the amount of effort and time you can contribute. Are you quitting your day job?

You need answers to prepare you for the commitment of starting your freelance career.

2. Find a platform

Many freelancers find gigs/projects on freelancing websites. Social media outlets and word-of-mouth references are the other excellent source of jobs.

Freelance websites are the preferred choice because of easy access to a large customer base.  In addition, many sites have user agreements/policies to protect buyers and freelancers.

3. Create a Pricing Plan

Creating a pricing plan is among the most important decisions you must make. It’s best you decide how much you’ll charge your clients early on. Will you bill them per hour? Will it be a flat rate? Or do you prefer project quotes? Make a choice and make sure you stick to it. Consistency is the staple of a prosperous enterprise.

After choosing your pricing system, start considering your service charges. One effective strategy is to research the industry average for your profession. Use online tools like Salary Search and Glassdoor to find the information you need.

4. Create a Portfolio

Regardless of how convincing your profile is, potential customers must see proof of your abilities. Without concrete proof of previous works, clients will be reluctant to engage your services. While you’re creating your profile, provide a detailed and creative portfolio that shows your abilities and experience. What better way to prove to clients that you can create them something great than to literally show them your work?

Are You Ready to Try It?

With this information in your arsenal, you’re probably itching to get started. Despite how simple it sounds; freelancing is anything but easy. It’s nothing like your regular 9-5 job. The benefits are many, but you need a sound strategy to enjoy them.

Remember, you must be ready to stay the course. Prepare yourself for the inevitable learning curve. You might not get excellent results from the beginning. There will be setbacks, and you must work hard to hit your targets.

Despite this, you must remain dogged and professional. The satisfaction of your clients and customers should be your top priority. It won’t be easy, but with the right attitude, it’ll be rewarding.

Tradeline Myths Debunked

Most people enjoy the finer things in life and want more of them. Some are able to afford things and some just can’t. Usually consumers need credit to make big purchases like cars, homes, vacations, etc. The more responsible you are with your money, the better credit you have, and therefore the larger credit limits and lower interest rates. When you have bad credit it is hard to catch a break. 

One thing you can do to improve your credit score is buying tradelines. It is an involved system but it basically is when you purchase someone else’s good credit history. A tradeline is a line item or credit account that is reflected on a credit report. If you are added to someone’s tradeline as an authorized user then this will in turn show up on your credit report. By showing up on your credit report, it helps your score. This legal method of improving your credit has some myths associated with it which we would like to explore.

There are many people who may try to deter you from this form of improving your credit by using some of the myths below. We are here to bring you the facts.

Buying tradelines is NOT illegal. 

Some may say that buying tradelines is illegal, but it isn’t. FICO did try to ban it and therefore make it illegal in 2008 but were unsuccessful. The reason they were not successful is that they found it violated the Equal Credit Opportunity Act. This particular law was created to protect consumers from credit discrimination. 

Tradelines from Early Years do help

No matter what age you were at a tradeline, it is best to include on your credit report. Adding credit history is a positive for your credit no matter what age. Those that say only purchase a valid tradeline after you turned 18 are incorrect as a tradeline has the same result as if you were prior to 18 as it does after you were 18.

Tradelines are not a short term fix

It is a fact that tradelines can only show an open account for two reporting cycles. It will be shown as a closed account after, however, it is still added to your credit history and will therefore boost your score. 

Tradelines are affordable

Tradelines can be found for a range of prices to meet everyone’s needs. From the wealthy to the financially challenged.

Authorized user accounts have more pull

The ultimate goal for a person’s credit is establish a tradeline and new account of your own. This isn’t always possible. It is also not always true that a new form of credit is more effective in helping your score. Sometimes the history and higher credit limit could help boost your credit score more than a newer (less history) and lower credit limit.

Hopefully by debunking common myths about the tradeline industry can help you evaluate if this method is right and effective for you. It is best to always get an opinion from an industry professional as well.  One recommendation for quality service is coast tradelines.

5 Ways to Make Money on the Side after Lockdown

The emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic has shattered the lives of many. With it, people lost their jobs and sources of livelihood. Confined to their homes, one can’t help but feel trapped, helpless, and anxious. As the bills keep piling, we are constantly faced with the threat of coping with the over cumbering stress of dealing with it all.

However, despite the way things are, you can still earn a decent amount of money from your home. In today’s article, we give you five essential ways to acquire money after the lockdown.

1. Online Tutoring and Coaching

There are many vacancies in the educational sector due to the lockdown of schools and educational institutions worldwide. High demand for capable individuals is required to fill in the roles of teachers and lecturers.

Furthermore, many parents will seek the help of trained professionals to tutor their children after the lockdown. Online tutoring is a lucrative opportunity, and one of the many ways to make money from your hobby at home.

All you require is a stable Wi-Fi connection and a webcam to host video sessions on zoom. Online platforms and freelance sites are great ways of getting into the job market and making a decent money.

2. Proofreading

Do you enjoy spending time reading novels? If your grammar is impeccable or merely functional, consider pursuing a career in proofreading. Many publishers are willing to pay top dollar on edits simply because they don’t have the time to run through corrections. On average, you can earn up to $15 per hour and more, depending on your employment.

A good internet connection and a word processor/editor are all you need to get started at the comfort of your home.

3. Blogging

With the rise of Instagram, celebrities, influencers, and YouTubers, making a living on the internet is quite a popular trend. Even with entry-level skills, you too can start earning money from your website.

Blogging entails running your domain and writing exciting content to drive in traffic and convert them into followers. Advertisement systems such as Google AdSense pay bloggers with a decent amount of following daily passive income. Blogs ranging from 5,000 to 30,000 views a day can easily make up to $20 – $120, or more.

You can increase your income using affiliate links from programs such as Amazon affiliate, and earn commissions by advertising their products on your site. This passive income field is quite sustaining; the overall estimates of affiliate market revenue are bound to shoot up to $8.2 billion in the coming two years. 

4. Rent Your Car

With all that’s happening right now, driving is the last thing on your mind. Instead, you can consider leasing out your car to workers and health care practitioners who require a vehicle. You can easily post your vehicle online and have people reach out to you from the comfort of your home.

If that’s not enough, you can decide to lend your vehicle as an Uber and get paid daily. For this, you will need to have the required paperwork, such as PSV insurance, license, car check-up diagnostics, and road testing certifications.

5. Playing Video Games

For some, the years of playing World of Warcraft are finally beginning to pay off. The emergence of lockdown protocols has brought about a superb opportunity to lounge around and pass the time gaming.

Nowadays, video games have turned into a multi-billion franchise with the development of E-sports and grand tournaments. Games like Fortnite, PUBG, Overwatch, Call of Duty warzone, to name a few are topping the charts in popular online games. To get started, all you would need is a

  • Fast internet connection with low ping
  • Screen recording software
  • A microphone
  • Headphones
  • Console or gaming pc.

Set up a Twitch and YouTube account and frequently post your gaming content. As you progress in numbers, more and more followers begin to subscribe to your channel and will even donate money. YouTube analytics is an excellent way to keep track of your traffic. Similar to blogs, the more views you get, the more you can earn passively.

In Summary

While coronavirus has placed an enormous standstill in everyone’s lives, you can still support yourself and earn money. Our five tips will equip you with the knowledge to help you to make money after this period of lockdown.

Can You Practice Green Investing as a Currency Trader?

As a Forex trader, your goal is to make money off of exchange rates and different types of money-related markets. For many people, not only do they want to be able to make returns off of this particular endeavor, but they want to take a green approach to their work as well. Understanding how to correlate your eco-friendly goals with your Forex transactions is an important part of building your portfolio.

What is Green Investing?

Green investing simply means that you have a focus on companies that either support or provide eco-friendly and sustainable services. For example, the company might base itself in organic farming, or it might be a company that has taken hundreds of measures to reduce their impact on the local environment. Another great example of green investing is choosing to buy stock in a solar panel manufacturer or an electric hybrid car company. It may take a bit of research on your part to figure out which companies and areas are practicing these environmentally-friendly methods so that you can make smarter decisions.

Is It Possible with Forex?

As a Forex exchanger, your goal is to buy and sell currency as it changes in value. This is one of the most popular options available, and it is why so many people have gotten involved in the monetary market to date. Rather than purchasing individual stocks, online Forex trading can be done as a way to avoid severe fluctuations in the market on any given day. If you’d like to become a green investor, this is definitely possible when dealing with monetary markets. It simply takes a bit of research to figure out which currencies to buy and trade that align with your goals.

How Can It Be Done?

There are several ways for you to take your love for the environment and blend it into your Forex trading. First, you’ll want to buy, sell or exchange currencies that are specific to countries that are more environmentally-friendly. These countries may be adopting sustainable practices, so you’ll be supporting their efforts by investing into their currency. Likewise, you can take the funds that you make off of your investments to put back into eco-friendly companies and sustainable manufacturers.

What You Need to Get Started

The first step is to find a Forex platform that works for you. Before choosing the company you’ll be using to do your trading, it’s a smart idea to see what efforts they are taking to lower their impact on the environment. Choosing an eco-friendlier platform will help you to achieve your goals of becoming a green investor. You will then need to create a portfolio for yourself to get started. Your next step is to buy and exchange currencies in order to start seeing a monetary return. While actively working, it’s a smart idea to continue to familiarize yourself with different currencies and countries. This will allow you to avoid investing in countries that are not practicing environmental conservation so that you can focus all of your efforts on ones that do.

The Right Steps towards Financial Stability

The narrative from the start of kindergarten was, “Get good grades and life will be OK.” Life may, however, throw a couple of curveballs that school didn’t quite prepare you for. Sure, you might land that dream job, but there’s stuff like student debt, mortgages, and general everyday expenses to cater to. All of a sudden, your goal of financial stability starts to seem like a pipe dream. 

Fortunately, there’s a silver lining to the situation. Achieving financial stability is, well, achievable. By following the steps below, you can set yourself on the path towards less debt and, ultimately, financial stability.

Clear High-Interest Debt

High-interest debt may be defined as any amount of debt that accrues an annual interest rate of 7.5 percent or higher. Nowadays, the most common type of high-interest debt is credit card debt, which carries on average, a 17 percent interest rate. In the U.S, the average household has $15,956 in credit card debt, making it a considerable burden. 

The only way to get around the issue of credit card debt is to start paying it off. Commit a certain amount of extra cash each month to cater to the highest interest rate cards then continue paying the minimum on the remaining cards. As you do so, remember to cut out using your cards. If you must use a credit card, then request for a lower interest card from your card company.

Invest for When You Retire

As distant as it may seem, there will come a day when you’ll have to bid farewell to the working world. If your employer offers a 401(k), then good for you. If not, then consider opening an Individual Retirement Fund (IRA). Putting some cash aside for when you retire is one of the smartest moves you’ll ever make, and the earlier you start, the better.

Establish a Buffer

The idea behind establishing a buffer is to have enough money in your checking account that amounts to two weeks’ pay. This amount is one average between $500 and $800. When putting aside this amount, picture it as untouchable and never allow your account balance to fall below it. Building this buffer not only saves you from expensive overdraft fees but also gives you a nice cash cushion. 

Put Something Aside for Emergencies 

The best way to stay ready for life’s nasty surprises is to come up with an emergency fund. The ideal place to store such a fund is in a high-yielding savings account insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC). The major pro of these types of accounts is that they pay rates that are 20 times as much as your local bank. Remember to keep your emergency fund separate from your main bank account to avoid the temptation of needless withdrawals.    

Get an Extra Source of Income

Your 9-to-5 might be a sufficient source of income, but since your aim is financial stability, you might want to look to some extra income streams. Consider selling your services on a third-party site, starting a blog, or even selling stuff online. You could also pick up an extra shift if your schedule allows. 

Financial stability might sound like something reserved for the rich, but it is achievable. With the right steps, you’ll manage to get there. If you are looking for a solution-based partner to help you achieve your dream of financial stability, consider Alleviate Financial for advice on how to ease your financial debt stress.

Best Ways to Build Your Credit Score When You Are New In the USA

Building a credit history is essential for somebody who is planning to move or start a new life in the US. In America, a credit card is used in so many places. Some landlords will not rent you a house if you have a bad or no credit history. For you to access the basics such as a car lease, loan, an apartment rental, or mortgage, you will need a credit card. Are you moving to the US? Consider the following simple ways that will quickly get you are credit card.

Transfer Your Credit Score to the US

If you can be able to transfer your existing credit score from your home country to the US. The better since you can use this credit score to get you a credit. You can check here for more information on credit transfer options.

Get Secured Credit Account

Don’t apply for so many credit cards at once. You can go to the bank or credit union and ask for a secured credit card. For a secured credit card, security is required that is equal to the credit limit that you will be given. Make sure that the issuers of the card that you choose to report to one of the three credit bureaus regularly.

Choose Friendly Credit Card Issuers

Opening a savings account can help you get a loan or a credit card. Building a relationship will help you to have excellent financial stability. Before you decide on which bank or credit union to use, consider some things such as having accessible ATMs, excellent and affordable monthly and annual payments, good customer service, among others. Never withdraw all the cash from your checking account; this will significantly affect your US credit report.

Ensure That You Get Credit for Paying the Rent

Make sure that you pay your rent and other bills on-time. It’s one of the valued information to your credit report that can help you establish good credit scores. Having a good US credit score will help you qualify for better financial deals. So the sooner you begin reporting your commercial moves to the credit bureaus, the more comfortable you will be building your credit score.

Get a Credit Card That Has a Co-Signer

The easiest way to build a credit score is to find a person who has already had a decent US credit score. This way, you can benefit from the excellent credit history that they have created. A co-signer will agree to pay off your debt if you don’t pay the check on the co-signer options before you apply for a different credit card.

Demonstrate Your Credit Worthiness

There are various ways that you can demonstrate your creditworthiness, such as you should make payments of your bills on time. Use your credit card at least once a month to show that you can use it responsibly over a given time. Keep on checking your due dates so that you don’t miss paying the bills.

For you to build a credit in the US, use the above ways. You can also check here to learn all things related to credit score in the US.