August 2013 Monthly Review


We were down to two debts, but decided to take advantage of a pretty solid deal for getting some new windows in our house.  I’ve mentioned before that we’ve got about 30 windows upstairs alone, and of those, I think about 5 open because they were not opened at all (Im guessing) during the tenure of the previous owner.  Having windows that open will be a nice change of pace.

This is also the 2nd time (including house) that my debt has increased since december 2009.


Mortgage $114,747  (-546) Last month this looked like it had gone up, but what I think happened was that I was late putting up the june or july monthly post, so I accidentially counted a payment in the wrong month. Everything is back to normal at this point, but it’s starting to get annoying seeing slightly more than 45% of our payments going to interest. I know that’s how mortgages work and all that, but it’s annoying me.

Windows $6,000 – (-1,300) This is the amount we financed for our window purchase.  They offered us a 0% rate for a year, so we took it.  We sent them 1,300 this month, and will probably send a higher amount in september, but I’m not too sure what that amount will be just yet. I’m hoping this will be gone by the end of january.

Student Loan

Great Lakes Loan $ 7,031  (-$552) This is what we’ve been focusing on lately, after we paid off the truck loan, and now we are starting to see some big movement here. We had planned on bumping this down to $200 per month to focus on the windows, but I guess I forgot to set it up that way, so that’s going to start in september.

Total Debt: $ 127,778 (-$2,398)

We made a large payment on the windows, and the other 1,100 reduction came from our mortgage and the student loan payments. This is going well right now, and it seems like the changes that we made in our finances are going to stick this time.

Health Goals

Took some more rest here at the urging of the doctor because of my knee, but everything seems to be fine so I was able to wind it back up a bit towards the end of the month. Still not where i’d like to be, but I’m getting back into it, and have a plan for the next six weeks, and a plan for after that. Unfortunately, I have not signed up for any races yet, but I’d like to get at least one more in before the year is out.

Workouts: 15

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