April 2012 Monthly Review

April was a far different month financially speaking, than I’ve ever had in my life.  H and I closed on our house at the end of the month, so there was a TON of money flowing into and out of my checking and savings accounts (and into the local hardware store) so honestly things have been rather hard for me to track.  Toss some taxes into the mix, and there was a lot of activity in my account, which is both good and bad.  May should be far calmer (except for trips to the hardware store, which will probably increase – H and I have been every day for at least 6 days in a row).


This has been up and down for a while, but now that we have closed on the house it’s going to shoot up – I’ve also got a bit more on my credit card than I usually do, which I’m hoping to get most back because of (another) tax mix up.


This hasnt been finalized yet, but it’s going to be a whopper.   We got a 15 year note, and our payments arent that much more than our rent was, but that is before taxes, insurance, etc.

Student Loans

Great Lakes Loan $10,875 ($95)  I hate this loan.  It never goes down.  I got my tax form from them this year, and I paid them over 1,000 in interest.

Truck Loan

Ford Credit: $7,430 983  ($553):  This is my next target.  In order to keep myself motivated to pay off this goal, I decided to set myself a mini goal.  The payments that I talked about sending at the end of last month came through, along with my monthly payment as well as an extra $100 that I sent them last week.  Finally, getting somewhere.  I’m really close on this and my goal is 6,750.  I’ve got a nice place to brew my beer, so now all I need is the kit!

Total Debt: 18,305 This will probably be as low as my debt gets for a very, very long time.  Oh well, it’s still a far cry from my high of 56,500 in december of 2009!

Health Goals

Though the year is out, i’m still going to keep this going in my monthly reviews.  Since I’ve got a goal of running a marathon for next year, I’ll be counting runs in this as well.  I’ve been continuing my weight lifting regimen as well as doing my marathon training, so I’ve been something of an exercise rat as of late.  My week typically has 4 runs (3 short, 1 long) and 5 weightlifting workouts.  I usually do the weights before work at the gym in the morning, and my short runs Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, with the long run on Saturday.  This month was slightly clouded by my trip to new mexico to watch basketball, where I didnt stick with my plan (though that was anticipated).  However, getting back into the routine hasnt been as easy as I would have hoped.

Goal Workouts: 20

For this, I count my gym visits and my runs.  This month I ran 15 times, for a total of 90 miles.   I went to the gym 19 times as well.

Total Workouts: 30

Food Challenges:

This month, in an effort to save some money and start eating what food H and I have, I started a Meat Challenge and a Grocery Store Challenge.  The meat challenge was unfortunately broken, but not for H and myself.  In order to bribe our friends to help us move, we promised to have a little bbq for everyone that helped, so we needed to get some burgers for that.  Everything else is going well though.

How are your yearly goals going?  

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6 thoughts on “April 2012 Monthly Review”

  1. Good to hear you have been able to work on the truck debt

    I am marking my goals off left and right! This week I marked off switch to 100% grass fed, hormone and antibiotic free beef because I finally picked up my side of beef I’ve been waiting what seems like forever for!

    Financial goals are also going well! $4000 into savings got marked off in Feb Increase annual income by 10% is on its way to being marked off and since there are still so many months left in the year that 10% is looking more like 15% by my calculations.

    The only goal I see no way to achieve is refinancing the house. I haven’t given up on this yet but its on the back burner until I find a reasonable way to get it done

    • That is awesome Em. That’s quite the switch for beef – we dont eat it in our house (though I do eat it occasionally when Im eating dinner out), but that hormone free stuff always tastes better. Great work on all of your other goals too. If you’re going to meet all your goals early, consider doing a 6 month review and potentially creating new goals in july!

  2. Cool stuff Jeff. I don’t think of my mortgage as regular debt. Once I got it, I was thinking of it as a rent payment with a mega focus on the student loans. Just knock em out one by one and you will get through it bro.

    • interesting perspective eric – I’m not sure what i’ll end up doing, because my student loan interest rate is smaller than the mortgage, but the amount is much lower.

    • thankfully I do have rewards and opened a new card for this for a new bonus. It was a big month, but hopefully things will calm down.

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