Alaska Pictures, Part 4

Unfortunately, this is going to be the last post of my pictures from alaska.  Even though I took north of 375 pictures, I didnt want to spend weeks and weeks on this series, so I broke my events down into days and selected some of my favorite pictures from each activity.  Hopefully this made you want to go to alaska a just a little bit.  I enjoyed my time up there and will hopefully be going back soon!   If you missed the first three groups, you can find here and here and here.

This group of pictures was because of a bartender that  I was talking to over dinner.  I asked him for some nearby trails and he sent me over here.  It was about a mile walk out of town (I didnt have  a car) just to the trailhead, and I was on the trail for about 2 miles 1 way. It was quite a bit of walking that day and it was tiring, but it was a great hike.

The hike was mostly along the coast south of seward, so there were quite a few rivers and other bodies of water flowing into resurrection bay.   This was one of them.  One of the best parts about this hike was that I saw 2 other people and 2 dogs throughout my hike.  It’s nice when you can get out there and truly be by yourself.

I took this picture because I thought this was funny – this is supposed to be a bridge over this shallow creek.  It wasnt really sturdy or anything like that, and it didnt really work.

I thought this was a pretty nifty tree, it looks like it had been cut down at one point and is regrowing as a new tree.

This is a ghost forest.  I wrote about them last time, but I think they are really cool!

This bird scared the crap out of me.  All of the sudden something broke the silence that I had enjoyed for the past 2 or so hours and made all this noise as I was standing on the bridge.  I was taking pictures of the fish in the water, but I got an ok shot of this guy considering.  There was also an eagle flying around, but I was unable to get a good picture of it.

You can see a bit of seward and the mountains behind it in this picture, but my favorite thing is the very well defined snow line on the mountain.

This is one from the walk back to town on the road.  I thought the boats looked neat in front of the mountain.

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