5 Ways to Exercise During Quarantine

When you are stuck at home during the pandemic, one of your main concerns may be exercise. Not only is exercise important for your physical health it is also important for your mental health. All individuals are encouraged to work out during this tough time for self care. Given that you are not allowed to go to public places and are essentially stuck in your home than you may need to think outside of the box. Below we will explore some ideas to help you get your exercise fix during quarantine!  


Having to be 6 feet away from others does not allow you to go to a gym, but you are able to go outside to do your exercise. The fresh air environment is safe for all, and outdoor sports and activities can be practiced responsibly. One activity that is popular with my family is bike riding. Riding bikes allows you to venture out and about while still being active. There are many hybrid bikes for sale that can fit the need for any type of person. Hybrids are good for both trail riding and road biking so you get the best of both worlds to be able to choose which method you prefer each time. Biking is great for all ages as well, bikes for older adults can make things fun and get the heart pumping. Now is a great time to teach your child to bike too!

Walking and Hiking

Besides biking there is walking and hiking. You can walk on your street through the neighborhood or find a local trail that is still open to enjoy the wilderness. Some trails are closed to deter people from being around others but the majority of trails and parks can still be used for exercise use.

Outdoor Sports

Kids really enjoy at home sports like backyard baseball, soccer, running and golf. Take the time to do it with your kids or even teach them a new sport! This will allow you to exercise as well as the kids, benefits everyone involved!


Many gyms and fitness studios have gone virtual out of necessity. This means that they are offering online classes that are either streaming or posting videos on youtube. Classes that don’t require equipment like yoga, zumba, dance or pilates are more popular than ever. Some do require fitness equipment however, and may require you to purchase new toys. Stationary bikes are an example of this. With zoom calls you can do live conferencing for any of your needs. A fitness instructor can send out a link to their call and have others join them for their workout. 


Besides virtual calls or streaming, you may be able to find youtube videos to help you exercise. Instructors may post instructional videos or recordings of their live classes. With youtube you can typically find free videos so this method can be done on any budget.

Even though the pandemic can be daunting and the quarantine life may have you stressed, there are still options available for you to exercise and have a little self care.

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