5 Simple Steps to Make Your Dreams Come True

Having a dream often seems like something we only get to think about. But that’s not true. Many people achieve their dream, whether that dream is to be famous, to be a veterinarian, or to be a business owner. All of these things are possible. If your dream is physically possible, then it’s personally possible. The only thing in between is time and effort. Here are the five simple steps to make your dream come true.

1) Define Your Dream 

Start by really defining your dream. Narrow it down to a real job title you can hold, trip you can take, or set of actions you can complete that will equal reaching your dream.  Write down what your dream is and who you will be when you achieve it. If your dream is a career goal, define your role and how you might get there. If your dream is to take a trip or have an experience, write down exactly the experience you want to have so you can make plans to experience it. When you define a dream in concrete terms, it becomes a reachable goal you can effectively work toward every day. 

2) Define the Steps

Next, lay out what it will take to achieve your defined dream. Write it down as a set of necessary or logical steps. For example, to become a doctor you will need to attend medical school. To write a novel, you will need to write several pages a week. If you want to be famous, start by creating online content and building a small internet audience. Any human goal is possible when you know the steps. 

3) Believe Every Day

Don’t let your dream start to feel distant. Think about your dream every day. Nurture the dream, develop your vision of what you want. Then find one way every day to make that goal a little closer, whether that’s studying medical textbooks, writing a page of your novel, or building your own podcast. This keeps your dream real and reachable. 

4) Value the Small Decisions

Don’t underestimate the power of small decisions. Just waking up and choosing to embrace each day with energy will get you closer to your dream. Reward yourself for choosing an hour of study instead of taking a nap. Value yourself for practicing your craft or researching the next step. Even if it doesn’t feel like you’re making big progress, a little progress every day will bring you ever-closer to making that dream come true.

5) Take on Challenges & Mistakes as Lessons

Last but not least, don’t allow yourself to be discouraged by challenges or even mistakes. Everyone experiences setbacks and no one pursuing a dream does so without a little trial-and-error. Take every challenge as a learning experience. As long as you can make another plan, you can learn and keep working toward your dream.

Making your dreams come true may sound like a fairy-tale today, but in just a few weeks of actualizing and planning to approach your dream can make it feel much closer within your grasp. With a few months or years of forward-momentum, your dream can become reality.

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