2010 Goals

My Goals for 2010

I know that this is a tad bit late, but I’ve been working towards these goals in varying capacities for this year (or in some cases, a few years).  I usually make yearly goals, but keep them to myself, and divide them into 4 categories: Health, Money, Education (now defunct, I guess) and Personal.  It seems like every year since 2006 my resolution has been to get my credit cards paid off, and it nothing ever really happened with that until recently.  It could be that I’ve started making money, but I think it’s more based on my habits changing.  I’ll put my 2010 Goals for Health & Money up here, and maybe some others as well.

2010 Money Goals

  1. Pay Off Credit Cards – This has been a goal for quite a while, but I’m getting traction now.  Balance as of Jan 2010: $6,026

Finally! After YEARS of hollow “pay off my credit cards” goal setting, I’ve done it.  If you want to read about it, click here.

  1. Have 3 Months of Living Expenses in the bank – I’ve wrestled with this for a while, because of my frequent travel to/from my office.  If I lose my job (not likely) I’ll also lose ~$500 of work-related monthly expenses.  So, the question becomes, do I go for the lower amount of expenses or higher?  I think I’ll try to split the difference and make it half way. Goal $4,800 – $6,600
  2. Get Total Debt Level Below $37,500. As of Jan 2010, it was sitting at ~55,400 (This was after I bought my truck, but before I had to make the first payment).  This will be a tough goal to reach, but I think I can do it.
  3. Pay off Small Student Loan – This loan is just annoying.  It’s $3,073 and I think it’s next on the hit list after my credit cards.

Done. This one seemed to melt away rather quickly, and I’m not complaining about that.  Next up is the federal loan.

2010 Health Goals

  1. Join the Gym – I made a decision last fall that I wasn’t going to join the Gym until my credit cards were paid off, and I though that it was going to happen sooner than it has, but Oh well.  If I can get 4 months in at the gym, I’ll be a happy camper in December
  2. Go to gym 4/5x per week.  ‘Nuff Said.

2010 Environment Goals

  1. Walk to do my errands more around town.  I typically walk for about half of the errands that I have to run around town, but I’d like to get that closer to walking all the time.
  2. Learn more about my compost heap and figure out how to make it work better.
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