2012 Goals

This year, I broke my goals into three categories: financial, health and sustainability.  I’ll be doing quarterly updates, and I’ll link to them here.

Financial Goals

  1. No New Debt From Jan 1, 2012 until the wedding in Mid July.  This shouldnt be too hard, but doing this will aid in my other goals.
  2. Pay off 1/2 of the truck loan.  In addition to this, I set some milestones for myself, and you can find out about how I hope to get back on track with rewards.
  3. Finally, I’d like to create joint financial goals with H after we get back from the honeymoon, but before the end of the year.  It’s not just me anymore out there, and I’m happy to have her support. One really important goal will be a mortgage and what we need to do to arrive at that.

Health Goals

  1. Run a Marathon.  I’ll start training for this at the end of January, and the marathon will be at the beginning of June.  I’m not all that into running, but I figured this could be fun.
  2. Eat Vegetarian Dinners Three times per week.  This should be easy since H is a vegetarian and I do most of the meal planning.  I find it a pain to have us eat something different, and also a pain to cook meat for myself on the side and add it later.
  3. Be in Good shape for my honeymoon.  Probably a poor goal because I dont have a metric for it, or anything tangible to shoot for, but since I put it on my post, I’ll put it here too.

Sustainability Goals

  1. Plant a Garden.  Even though I’ll sign up for a CSA this year, I’ll still try my hand at growing something.
  2. Make some papercrete.  I just think this will be fun, I’ve got no use for the stuff yet.
  3. Continue using human power for most traveling.  This should be pretty easy.  I walk to work and for most of my errands except to the grocery store.
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