What Do I Need to Do Before I Move to My New Condo?

New buyers of Montreal condos instinctively know what a great property and investment they have on their hands. For that reason, one of the things that they immediately think about is what they need to do before they move in to their condos.

After all, if you’re a new buyer, it wouldn’t make sense to simply move in without any regard for important matters you need to be sure about beforehand.

So, here are some quick reminders to put your mind at ease as an owner of a new Montreal condo.

Take Security Precautions

Although you trust your condo developers, it’s always wise to put a premium on security – for yourself, any condo companion you may have, and of course, your property.

The easiest way to do this would be to change your locks and to put deadbolts.

Remember, if you are not a hundred per cent sure about your locks and your keys, then, take this simple precaution. Security should always be a top concern before you move in.

Know the Location of Your Main Water Valve and Circuit Breaker

In the excitement of moving in, you may overlook to familiarize about two of the most important things in your new condo: your main water valve and your circuit breaker.

This sounds like a very simple concern, but you’ll be thankful you know where they are, and you know how to turn them off or on, especially if an emergency happens.

It’s best to be prepared.

Give Updates on Your New Address

Important and trusted people in your life need to be informed about your new address. However, remember that something as sensitive your new address should never be discussed in public, especially social media.

As much as possible, give the information personally. And, for additional safety and convenience, inform those who send snail mail to you, such as your bank, about your new address.

Arrange for Internet Service

Connectivity is already a nearly inescapable part of modern life. This makes having the continued ability to go online in the comfort of your new condo a must-do before moving in.

Ensure You Already Have Power and Running Water

Moving in to a new condo only to find out that your utilities are still not ready for you can be terrible. That kind of scenario will be so stressful and fatigue-inducing in the long run, as you waste time following up.

So before you move, see to it that you have running water and electricity ready for your use.

Pack Your Small Essentials in a Separate Box

It’s a basic move to put your possessions in packing or moving boxes. Everything you own has been categorized and grouped accordingly, and placed in its own box.

But what about your essentials, especially for your first night in your new condo?

Don’t stress out going through a huge box, looking for a small but essential item you might need to use immediately. Instead, pack all your small essentials that’s for your use on your first night, in a separate box.

Following these simple steps will give you, like all the smart new buyers of condos, a great and less stressful experience when moving in.

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