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The number of readers around here has been consistently growing, and I think that some of the newer readers may not have seen some of my more popular posts on the blog.  Some are older and some are still relatively new, but others are from back when I was still hosted at wordpress dot com (It feels like forever ago).  Without further ado, the top 10 posts from 2010!

  1. The High Cost of Being a Moron – This is an old post, and I think it really hit when my Reader Story was featured on Get Rich Slowly in October.  I should have expected what happened to happen (or something similarly bad) but I didn’t.  I think I’ve gotten better at avoiding things like these, and as you can tell from the story, it has helped out my finances.
  2. How To Give Up Caffeine –  I’m glad that this one is near the top.  I gave up caffeine over the last year (although not completely, sometimes I just need it to stay awake) and it has been one of the best things I’ve done.  It takes a few days to get used to drinking water in the morning and not tea, but it’s worth it!  Give it a try in 2011 if you’re interested.
  3. How Much Fun Should You Have While In Debt? – I got to thinking about this after getting back from a short vacation that I took this year.  How much fun should I be having while in debt?  I was doing great at the beginning of the year, and as the year went on (and def in Q4) I started playing a little fast and loose, and not making the progress I could have been.  It’s all about balance though – you need to keep a balance or you’ll go nuts!
  4. Reader Question: Nelnet Student Loans – I got this question and decided to really dig into it, mainly because I didnt know exactly how they operated.  I’m glad I figured it out, because it led me to pay off the loan faster and spawned a post about how to pay off your nelnet loan.
  5. Getting Your Swagger Back – This post I wrote for those who have just figured out how deep in the hole they are.  It’s a crappy feeling and you feel like a huge useless moron, but things well get better, just focus on what you need to do and then do it!
  6. It’s Called Personal Finance For A Reason – This was written after I bought my truck.  I posted then that if I had to do it over again, I would.  I still feel like that.  I was worrying constantly about whether or not my old car would start in the morning and what I’d do if it left me stranded somewhere.  I don’t really worry about that anymore, but I do pay for it.
  7. Most Expensive Month (EVAR) – While December isn’t going to turn out as bad as I had initially thought, it’s not going to be a walk through the park with at $1,500 payment to my debt, either.
  8. Saving Money Tip: Change Your Own Oil – For the first time just last week, I had the dealership change my oil while they were doing some recall work.  It has been windy and getting cold, and I don’t have a garage to change my own oil in.  Unfortunately, it cost me double what it costs to do it myself, and I don’t really want that again.  For $25 (or less) and about 20 mins of your time, you too can do this.
  9. 7 Ways Not To Gain Weight During the Holidays – This one has been relatively popular because I posted it around the holidays.  If you got in over your head and gained a bit of weight this season, work next year at dropping it off and getting back to a healthy weight.  I’m actually looking to gain some weight this year.
  10. The 5 Eco Principles: Material Efficiency – This post is old.  It comes from my 5 Eco Principles Series (Smart Design, Energy Efficiency, Water Efficiency and Healthy Environment).  I’ve been thinking of doing an update to this series, focusing a little less on talking about the ecoprinciples and a little more using them in your daily life.

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  1. I gave up pop a couple weeks ago, and I feel great. I still allow myself a little caffeine now and again if I really need it, but I feel great without all that sugar water!

    I suspect you will have many popular posts in 2011, you have a great site.

    • Great Job on giving up pop. I did as well, and every once in a while, I have a bit of coke. It still tastes so good, but I’m not sad to see it go.

  2. Great summary of 2010. I liked the How Much Fun Should You Have While in Debt post the best.

    • Thanks jenna, it was fun to write, but did inspire some thought as to weather or not I’m doing the right thing 100% of the time

  3. Thanks for posting these. I haven’t read all of them, so as soon as I get a free moment, I’ll do so. :) “Getting Your Swagger Back” looks rather delightful, although I think I’ll steer clear of the caffeine post. LOL! I have no intentions of giving up my coffee! Mine!

    • Thanks Jessica, there were a few that I was rather surprised made the list (swagger back was one) but the caffeine post was a relative hit. It’s still a good read – I don’t tell you to give it up, I just put out some hints for people that want to

  4. I plan on reading one extra pos t a day, I think I will catch up by year end! Thanks for the information.