March Madness!

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Last year about this time, I was very close to paying off my truck. I didnt really have the cash at the time because we were putting so much money into the house with all the repairs and stuff we were working on to officially kill it, but I was so close.

It was my favorite time of  year (march madness) and I was looking forward to watching a lot of the games. A friend of mine asked me if I ever bet on the games, and I told him no because I thought the outcomes were too crazy. I still think that, but I would take bets on the 16 seed – 1 seed games, but no one offers anything on those. He told me they needed a person for their squares game, where you got 2 numbers and if the score of any games ended on your numbers, you won (I believe my numbers were 7 and 1). Well, I ended up winning 2 games, one in the final 4 with a payout of $320 and one in the first round that had a payoff of $20. I put all that towards my truck loan and was able to kill it. Oddly enough, both of the games where my numbers hit had Michigan in them – thanks big blue.

That made me an even bigger fan of march madness and tournament games, and I love playing any bracket challenge with friends and family. The best part is that there are a lot of different kinds of them every year, so if a team you picked to go far bows out in the first round (I’m looking at you, New Mexico), it wont totally ruin your game.


One that I found hosted by has a march madness pick’em contest where you can win $500! This game works a bit different than most of the others though. You enter your pick to win it all, and the earlier you do it the more entries that you’ll get in the drawing. I just signed up and made my pick (gators) and got 20 extra entries into the drawing for picking before the tournament starts. As time goes on, the less  bonus entries you get. For instance, if you were to pick the overall winner before the elite eight, you would get 4 entries to the drawing.

If your team loses then you can submit a new pick at anytime before the championship game. It looks like a pretty fun contest, and along with the brackets that I normally do (and squares again), I’m excited to add this one to my list of fun things to do with the basketball tournament!

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