Hurdles on the way to the Goal

Like I mentioned two weeks ago I’m working towards getting back on the debt repayment wagon.  I wish it was as simple as that but unfortunately it’s not –  I’ve got a few things that I’ve had planned for a few months between now and the wedding, and they’ll cost some money.  I’m listing those here, and their projected cost.  Keeping these costs low will be key, as I’ll be wanting to put all extra money to debt repayment.  These are things that I have been wanting to do for a while (which, admittedly should have  been put off until debt freedom, but wont be, mainly because of timing).  I’ll be doing these in chronological order.

The first thing will be a short trip to colorado to get measured for a shirt for the wedding.  Due to my body type, most shirts off the rack dont fit well at all – they are either too short in the arms, or too round in the stomach, basically making me feel like im wearing a tent.  I figure this will be my go-to shirt anytime I’ll need to dress up in the future, so it will eventually pay for itself.  I’ll be picking a classic pattern to make sure that it goes with a lot of other things I own.  Even though this is a custom shirt, I didnt find the price too expensive – though I will admit it’s not something I’d normally buy.  (I have combined this with the new mexico trip)

The next thing will be a trip to New Mexico to see the opening rounds of the NCAA College basketball tournament opening rounds.  I’m a huge college basketball fan, and going to these opening games is something that I’ve wanted to for years.  In addition to that, this is the third time I’ve been offered tickets to opening round games.  One time was freshman year in college, when all I had to do was come up with the cost of the tickets ($150) – I could take the bus to and from the arena and it wouldnt cost me a thing because I already had a bus pass.  Unfortunately because I didnt manage my finances then, I had to say “no” and boy was that painful.  I wanted to go (and would have ended up seeing one of the teams in the championship game) but couldn’t.  Not only did that happen once, but two times – though it costs were different the second time around (I think that they were in vegas the second time) but again, I couldnt go, and I was left sulking alone at my house watching basketball in a huge puddle of tears.  This year, H’s sister called in january or so and asked if we wanted to go to the games with them and some of their friends, so I immediately jumped at he chance.  The tickets are for the whole session, which is games on thursday and saturday or friday and sunday, and you get 4 games total, for $250.  I think that H and I will split it, so we will each to go 2 games.  I’m pretty excited for this, and am glad that the games are in a place I’m familiar with and will be pretty cheap to get to.

There will also be a few things that I’ll have to purchase for the wedding (which I swear I have to do everyday) that will cost a few bucks.  Most of the wedding things that you have to pay for H and I have already taken care of (or have been taken care of by her or my parents, thankfully).

Those are my hurdles to the goal that I set up for myself when I talked about getting back on track with rewards.  My debt repayment needs to get back on track, and these are the bumps in the road to getting me back on track.  Identifying these will help me keep them from turning into bigger problems, and should keep me focused.

Readers: How do you think I can cut the cost of these hurdles and make sure I can keep costs down and get my beer kit sooner?  I’m running low on cider, so I’m hoping to be brewing again soon.

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  1. Im glad to see am not the only one with these shirt problems. Arms are usually to short or the back looks like a hot balloon because its too big. I think getting a few shirts would be great not just one. Then again I dont know how much the tickets are. We all have hurdles but its what you do when you come to the hurdles that make the difference. Looks like you have a plan, I dont know what more you can do to get that beer kit sooner.

    • I figured there was someone else out there with these shirt troubles. I can always order more ,but I know i’ll need one for now – I also dont wear shirts like this more than 10 or so times per year, so I dont wanna go crazy.

  2. You hate shirts like I hate pants. I can never find a pair to fit me well. It is a battle for sure. Even if I do find a pair I often have to get them hemmed. It’s very frustrating.

    • I know what you mean – though usually I dont bother getting my shirts tailored. It could all change with this shirt though.

  3. I have shirts problem too. The sleeves are always too long for me. :)
    It’s good that you identified these hurdles so you know about them. Hopefully things will calm down a bit after the wedding and you can get back to paying down debt.

    • you know that’s what I’m hoping too joe, but i’ve been thinking lately how long a “minor lifestyle change” has to stick around before becoming simply “the way things are”

  4. Shirt…pants.. most people make it their life goal to find jeans that fit (along with the other parts). Tall girl with a big butt, short girl with no hips? What about them? We live in an unrealistic one-size-fits-all society…aaahhh!

    • You know – you’re right. Clothing makers make stuff to fit most people, and in reality it doesnt fit anyone well.

  5. Pretty awesome about the NCAA tourney tickets. I have wanted to go for many years now also, but I best I can do is watch the NCAA caliber teams that come through and play at the college I work at. Maybe one day…

  6. Sometimes there are unavoidable costs that we just have to deal with, but at least you should have some fun and memories as a result. Hope you get that beer kit soon too, it has been a big saver for me since getting one ;)

  7. Wooo hoo I have found another college basketball fan….Big Syracuse fan over here. Rivalry week this week. Georgetown tonite. I hear you when the NCAAs are around, sometimes you lose track of the finances. Good thing it is only part of the year and not the entire year.

    • Totally agree christopher! I’m looking forward to going to 2nd round games this year – glad melo’s back, eh?

      • Yeah, luckily we only suffered only one loss during that stretch when he was gone. I feel our pain also with the shirts and pants. Being 6’4, I have trouble finding pants that are long enough I dont want to look like I am expecting a flood. And I wear dress shirts everyday work it is tough to find big collared neck shirts with long enough sleeves to make it down to my wrist. I tell my wife how come they never make shirts for tall fat guys with big necks, looking through the section they have many shirts for the shorter fat guy with a big neck…lol

  8. You’re going to New Mexico? I’m insanely jealous.

    This is going to my first year not making to any of the games. I’m still trying to rally friends to go see at least one but it doesn’t seem to work out with our schedules. I need more spontaneous friends.

    • that is awesome – I didnt know that you were a college basketball fan as well – this will be my first time at the games and i’m really excited. H’s sister’s friend planned this, and im glad he did!


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