Holy $hit, there’s 2

Holy $hit, there’s 2

Since I began my financial turnaround in 2009 and began focusing on paying off my debt, I found that it was really easy at first. I had no time and no money, and I was in a ton of debt so there was nothing else on my mind, every. single. day.

Since I’ve now paid off 3 credit cards, 2 student loans and taken out (and paid off) a vehicle loan, I dont feel like my back is up against the wall anymore. I’ve gotten married since then, and now H and I make a comfortable income compared to our expenses, and have been able to save quite a bit of money over the last couple years. We bought a house, spent a boatload fixing it up, and are now just trying to take care of the last little things (and build a new room, which is also almost finished). That being said, I’ve been feeling for quite a while that we probably should be saving more money. It’s not like we are going on a bunch of trips to far-flung locales, we arent buying a whole slug of new appliances, and we arent really buying anything big – just kind of wasting money because of our occasionally lack of preparation (mainly around mealtimes).

Though we would like to save more, it’s always difficult without a concrete reason. We arent going to alaska again this summer (which I think my wife is still broken hearted about – as am I), we dont have a wedding or a honeymoon to save for, and we arent making major upgrades on the house any longer. Β The compulsive urge to save has dwindled, so we are looking for ways to get it back on track.

Well, we didnt have to look for long. We found out that we are pregnant toward the end of august, which was very exciting. We had been trying for a few months, and both H and I were happy that it finally took (though I wouldnt mind still being in the trying phase). We went to the doctor to get everything confirmed at week 8, and we were not prepared for what happened there.

As we were getting the ultrasound done, the tech moved the little wand around and I thought I saw 2 black spots on the screen. All I thought to myself was Holy shit, there’s 2! and a few seconds later, the tech said “well, it looks like there’s 2 in there” and my wife looked pretty shocked. We both left the doctor pretty excited and a bit nervous.

(For those that were at fincon, this is why you didnt see much of my wife – she still was not feeling all that hot in october). For those that heard me talking about her, and were convinced that she didnt exist (Joel, Kevin) she’s very real.

Right now, mom and babies are feeling much better than they have, and are starting to enjoy life again. Officially, our due date is may 1, but that is for 40 weeks and twins almost never make it that long – we are expected to go 37 weeks, which will put us sometime around early to mid april. She’s starting to tell people at work, but a lot of them have not figured out quite yet – she’s showing, but not all that much, considering it’s twins.

Needless to say, there’s now a fire lit under us again (though we did buy a roomba, but that’s a subject for another post) and we’ve been doing pretty well at increasing our savings drastically. I’ll let you know more about exactly where we are at the end of the month, but I think we are doing pretty good so far.

Right now, I’m also searching for ways to lower our impact (cost, and waste) while raising twins – those things go through diapers and baby wipes like it’s going out of style! So soon, be on the look out for some of the things that my wife and I are learning in the process.

Readers: Do you have any kids? Got any helpful tips for us? Leave them in the comments (please!)

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25 thoughts on “Holy $hit, there’s 2

  1. Congratulations!!! Should be a great adventure with not one, but two little ones!

    As far as ways to lower you impact with the babies (especially with diapers) there is always the option of cloth diapers. A little bit of an upfront cost, but there are plenty of forums/articles/blogposts that help you figure out the best bang for you buck, and the whole functionality of them. I can’t personally attest to it, but I have all intentions of using cloth when I have kiddos of my own.

    • Thanks cedes – We are very excited.
      We are looking at cloth diapers and even have a brand picked out, but are waiting until we can see what size we need.

  2. First off congratulations on your soon to come additions, that is super cool. I would love to have gotten to the point where I didn’t have a reason to save like there was no tomorrow, but that won’t happen until after we have paid off our student loans and saved everything we need to adopt two kiddos. It is hard for me to imagine not having a goal to be saving for. Also if you are looking for a good, humorous parenting blog check out http://bethwoolsey.com/ it is run by a friend of mine. They have 5 kids including a pair of twins.

  3. Wow, congratulations!! That’s such exciting news. Sleepless nights ahead of you both, I’m sure!
    I haven’t had kids yet, but mommy bloggers are so great at coming up with smart ideas to be financially conscious as families grow. I’m sure anything they have to say based on their experience would be a thousand times better than my best guess. πŸ™‚

  4. Congratulations! I know so many people with twins now compared to in the past. It seems to be an epidemic (in a good way of course!!). I am not a parent, and don’t intend to be one any time soon, so I don’t have any helpful tips for you, unfortunately.

    My cousin had twin boys when her other son was 2 years old. That was a busy household! For her baby shower she asked for diapers, and boy did she receive diapers. They had a wall of diapers in her basement in sizes 1 – 5 or so. Though I suppose diapers aren’t very sustainable, so I’m imagining cloth?

    • Thank alicia – we have found some cloth diapers that we are going to get, but we are probably going to start out with disposeables because apparently the cloth ones that we’ve found come in two sizes (one for skinnier babies and one for ‘chunkier’ babies) and we dont want to get stuck with the wrong size.

  5. Congratulations and this is wonderful news. And twinies…My one tip is the following: whatever you do your children will blame you for everything that wnet wrong in their lives so you may as well enjoy raising them; don’t worry about a thing.

    I worked this one and applied it to btinging up our son – he is a wonderful person (he is nearly thirteen).

  6. Congratulations on the twins!! When I found out we were having twins, the first thing I said was holy shit! It’s crazy to find out that type of news. Our due date is only 3 days ahead of yours!!! Hope your wife is feeling well! πŸ™‚

    • That is awesome – My wife is feeling much better than she did during trimester 1. We have a dr appointment next week, and they said they would “Probably” be able to figure out the gender(s) of our kids.

  7. Jeff, huge congrats!!! We’ve got 4 kids, and I can tell you that they’re a whole bunch of awesome!!! Parenthood is the greatest, but you’re definitely being wise by kicking up the money you put into savings. My best tip is to wake and feed them every three hours during the day, and then let them sleep for as long as they want at night. We did this with our kids, and all four were sleeping through the night by 8 weeks!

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