Closing Day

Today is the day that H and I are closing, so this post is going to be short (also, I took back the internets on Wednesday, so we dont have internet at the house right now).  After talking about the huge check yesterday, and I got the final number yesterday, which was still mind boggling.

After closing, one of the things that I’m looking forward to the most is going on an efficiency shopping trip to the hardware store.  I havent decided exactly what i’m going to get on this trip, but it will be all products that you can quickly change yourself that will save energy, (light or heat) or water – which will reduce your use and your bills.  It could be a rather expensive trip, but it will pay off in the long run.  I havent looked at everything yet, but here are a few things I know will be on the list.  (I’ll also write a more detailed post about what I get and why later)

Programmable Thermostat

These things are awesome.  You set them up to keep the temperature at a certain level for a certain time (say, from the time you normally get up in the morning to the time you leave for work) and then it will kick off when no one is home during the day, so you’re not heating a big, empty house.  I’ve installed them before and they take about an hour or so to install and set up.  After that, it’s nothing but automatic energy savings.

LED Bulbs

These bulbs are new (to consumers) and are still kind of expensive, at around 15 bucks per bulb.  They last much longer than normal incandescent bulbs and even CFL’s and use a fraction of the energy.  I’ll have to check and see which lights will be on most and start there, to save the most cash right away, then I’ll moved on to the lower used ones.

Dual Flush Toilet

These have been around for a while, and the toilets use less water based on the type of discharge that someone puts in there.  Typically you’ll get about 1/2 the water if you push the handle up, and  a full flush if you push the handle down.  These are about 20 bucks for the kit.

That’s about it for now, but once I actually make this trip I know that I’ll have done more research and add more things to the list.  Enjoy your weekend!

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  1. Congrats again on closing on the house. I remember asking for a cashier’s check from the bank, and the teller’s eyes were glazed over when she heard the amount and said something to the effect of “good luck with whatever you are spending that much on.”

  2. Recently I have started to use those energy saving bulbs. It is actually amazing when you realize that they consume less than 20% of the electricity compared to a normal bulb and have a life-span that is 5 or 6 times longer. Since I always forget to stock up on bulbs and since we have very high ceilings at home that require a ladder to get to the bulbs, the LED bulbs are a no-brainer to me.

  3. Hope it all went well. I know the first closing is very intimidating. There are so many pages to sign!
    I’ll hold off on the LED bulbs for now. I think in 5 years they will be much more affordable. We are using CFL for most of our lighting needs and haven’t had to buy any new bulbs for a couple of years now.

  4. Congrats Jeff. How exciting. Now the reality of the house can really sink in. I hope everything runs smooth.

    You will be amazed at how many papers you need to sign.

  5. I spent a pretty penny on the thermostat but over 2 years it has saved me MUCHO.

  6. one thing I also liked it adding sensors to lightfixtures or a censored lightswitch… when you walk in the room the light turns on and when you walk out, off. I thought it was great for rooms like pantries, hallways, bathrooms… bought one for the kitchen, haven’t installed it yet.

    • Those are awesome andrea, and I may look into those for some of the rooms. I’ll definitely write a post about what I buy

  7. I wonder if a LED bulb would last any longer than a CFL bulb in our house. The current life expectancy of a CFL bulb, in our house, is about half that of an incandescent bulb. Which makes the new law outlawing incandescent bulbs a particularly expensive one for me… Might have to stockpile some before they disappear completely.

    • what is going on in your house BB? I’ve had some CFL bulbs since 07 (no joke) and they are still running fine.


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