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August 2014 Monthly Review

August 2014 Monthly Review

Welcome everyone – thanks for stopping by and reading. It seems like august just flew by, and I spent more time working on side projects than ever. That venture of my online business is starting to see success far greater than what I’d imagined, and I’m looking to continue that trend as the year comes… Continue Reading

Stock Market Sell Stops: Tools for limiting loss in a stock market crash

If you ever have the chance to visit the exciting and dramatic floor of the New York Stock Exchange for the opening bell you’ll see that it’s a thrilling, adrenaline-fueled event. When the bell sounds the action starts with a frenzy. There is an old saying, however, that no alarm bells go off to signal… Continue Reading

Fix your Finances

Fix your Finances

Back in 2009, my finances were in pretty rough shape. They had actually been in bad shape for a few years, but for about 3 years from 2005 to late 2007, I ignored them and just kept telling myself that I couldnt pay down my debt because I didnt have income from a full time… Continue Reading

We’ve Arrived!

After just about 5 years, I (we) are debt free except the mortgage. I honestly cant believe that we are here. Things have changed so much since I started writing on this site and started my quest to become come debt free. I think that it could be useful to look at then and now. Continue Reading

June 2014 Monthly Review

Welcome back. I do these savings and debt reports every month (and have for about 5 years). I dont do these to brag at all (and if you look at some of the ones from 2009 and 2010, that would be very clear). I do these every month to show all the awesome readers that I… Continue Reading

The Power of Sound Personal Finance

Last week, I mentioned that I was recently switched jobs to a lower paying job. If you check out the post, my lower pay is specifically base, and the new job offers a significant amount of upside for me. At the end of every calendar year, I will be eligible for a bonus (which I… Continue Reading

Where to Keep Your Emergency Fund

A while back, I wrote about what to do with your emergency fund. I’ll admit, this is a total “first world” financial problem for me. I’ve never really had an emergency fund (I kept about 750 in savings when I was paying down debt) because I was busy spending everything that I earned (and more)… Continue Reading