Where Do You Keep Your Emergency Fund?

Lately, it seems like things are really falling into place for our finances. All the hard work that H and I have done over the last 12 months have paid off. We’ve killed our cable bill, dropped our phone bill by 66% (and possibly savings more to come), Cut our Internet costs by 50% per […]

April 2014 Monthly Review

I know that some people find these monthly review selfish or uninteresting, but I think they are beneficial for 2 reasons. The first is that doing this helps me keep track of my progress, publicly. This helps keep me on track and accountable, and makes for transparency with me. One of the reasons that I […]

Homemade Natural Baby Wipes


When we first found out my wife was pregnant, we started looking into ways to lower the cost of raising children, because according to some the cost of raising children from birth to age 18 is above a quarter million dollars. I could not believe that then (and still don’t), but we both started looking […]

Lending Club 2 Year Update


It has been almost 2 years since I joined lending club as an investor, and I wanted to go over it with all of you readers. Things started out well for me, and then turned sour after about 18 months, and I stopped updating on what I’d been doing with it at that point. Well, […]

The Ultimate Guide to Cutting Cable

Cut Cable TV

When I started to get serious about paying off my debt after I finished grad school, I had already been reading financial blogs for a while and knew that there were tons of places to start, but getting rid of credit card debt was first. Once I finished that though, I started to go after […]

Mortgage Going Up?


Not long ago, I remember reading a post on¬†kathleen’s blog frugal portland¬†about her mortgage going up. I was unsure how that could happen since I thought rates and prices were locked in for the term of the loan. You know you’d pay the same amount over the entire term of the loan, and that made […]

Less than 5,000 Left!

Earlier this week, I authorized a payment of $400 from our checking account to great lakes, the people who are servicing my student loan. Once that payment hits next week, there will be less than 5,000 on the balance! That means that I’ve paid of 90%+ of the consumer debt that I had in 2009! […]