Upcoming Coupons for 2017

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Yes, You Can: Actually Save Money Using Your Credit Card

If you believe using a credit card is nothing more than an expensive exercise, it is probably time for a rethink, as there are a number of ways you can come out on top when you use your card instead of cash.

Not convinced?

Here is a look at the positives attached to using a credit card you might not have even thought about, as well as the extent of some of the credit card benefits you may not have realized you could get.

No Scissors and Coupons Required: You Can Save Cash with Cards

There is a fair chance that you are one of those people who quite happily cuts out a coupon to use at your local store or restaurant, as it seems that well over 80 percent of us are noted to be occasional to regular coupon users.

That stands to reason, as most of us are not likely to turn down the chance to get some money off, or maybe even a free gift. The same mentality can also be applied to using your credit card, as there are literally hundreds of card-linked offers out there that you can take advantage of nowadays.

Sites like Upgraded Points specialize in hunting down enticing credit card offers. Reward schemes like cash back, unlimited purchase discounts and cash back rewards are the kind of deals that card issuers are offering. Other cards offer discounts at certain participating restaurants and gas stations, while others offer free flights or hotels.

If you use coupons to get money off, or like getting something for nothing or for little effort, it makes sense to use your credit card to unlock some of these rewards, unless you are happy missing out.

It is also worth pointing out that it is a lot less hassle to get your hands on credit card rewards, as you don’t have to cut any coupons out, and there are no codes to scan. Once you have signed up for a rewards scheme, just pay with your card and the rest will happen automatically.

Even More Savings: You Can Get Some of Your Money Back

Cash back deals are always worth looking out for and this is a prime example of how using your credit card could actually save you money.

If you see a cash back program being offered with your credit card, it is always worth signing up for the program, as you could get some of your hard-earned cash back to spend again in another way. You get rewarded just for using your credit card when you pay for your groceries or almost anything else you use your card for on a regular basis.

Although many of these schemes offer you cash back, as the description implies, this can also be offered to you as discounts, travel vouchers, hotel and travel rewards, and plenty of other ways to spend what is effectively “free” money from the card company.

Getting a percentage of the cash back that you had to spend anyway is a real no-brainer and a persuasive reason to use your credit card, so that you get the maximum benefit from your cash spending.

Retail Reality Check: You Get Easier Returns

There is almost nothing more frustrating than purchasing an item that doesn’t turn out to be right for you or just not what you expected it to be. In reality, there is one thing more frustrating than that: when you discover the retailer is not playing ball and won’t accept a return for whatever reason.

If you can’t get your money back, or only get offered a store credit, which you probably don’t want, that can turn out to be a costly experience. If you paid for the item using your credit card; however, it makes it easier for you to get your money back and cancel the transaction.

If something is faulty, not as described, or there are other viable reasons you don’t want to keep what you’ve purchased, the extra layer of consumer protection you get when you pay by credit card gives you more options than if you paid by cash or debit card.

There are certain rules and limits relating to cancelling a card transaction, but they are normally far more generous than other methods of payments. Using your credit card could save you money in this scenario, as you are less likely to get stuck with something you don’t want or are unhappy with in the end.

It is fair to say that saving money isn’t the first feature that springs to most people’s minds when talking about credit cards, but when you look into what they offer, there is actually a good chance your card could do just that. Start by finding out what your credit card provider offers, so you can take advantage of the benefits using your card could bring.

About Erin Bradshaw

Erin Bradshaw knows from experience how credit cards can be the root of all evil, but now almost debt free she can also see their positive sides. She writes about a range of personal finance matters in her online articles as she shares her own views, experiences and tips for managing your money better.

How to Save Money on your Heating Bill

As the nights get colder and the days get shorter it’s tempting to fire up the heating. The only problem is it can become extremely expensive. New research from prepaid MasterCard company icount.co.uk shows that over 300,000 people in the UK report having used a credit card to pay for their utility bills.

But don’t worry, we’ve spoken to the budgeting experts over at icount and asked them to share some of the best ways you can maximise your heating, without having to turn the dial every evening.

Make sure you seal your windows

Windows should be latched. If the outside temperature is higher than the inside temperature during the day, then keep them open when you are in the house. You may want to invest in some removable window caulk, or better yet some plastic to seal them. At the very least, use a towel or another material to cover any noticeable gaps

Hang thick, lined curtains

If you are debating whether to get blinds or curtains this winter, opt for the curtains. This will help block heavy drafts more efficiently. Open them when the sun is shining and draw them when it starts to go dark and the temperature drops

Seal your doors and windows thoroughly

Check all of your doors and windows for draughts, as well as your door frames. If you do discover a draught coming through any gaps, there are inexpensive solutions such as draught excluders or a door sweep. Again, if these aren’t an option, then perhaps consider blocking the gaps with a towel or another material.

Let it Shine

Despite sub-zero temperature outside, sun rays will still add some heat to your home. This is absolutely free of charge, so make good use of them. Open up your curtains during the day and trim any tree branches or things that may block out the sunlight.

Lock down any unused rooms.

A closed door can act as another barrier between you and the chilly outdoors. It also prevents the air from circulating around the house, which reduces heat loss.

Rugs, Carpets and Soft Furnishings

Laying down a couple of rugs is a cost effective and long lasting way to prevent heat loss through the floor, especially if you have laminate or wood flooring.  If you hate the feeling of a cold wood floor in the morning, this will offer a more pleasant surface to walk on.


Candles are another fantastic way to help keep your home warm at a minimal cost. Just be careful where you place them and obviously don’t leave them unattended. Just head to any local supermarket and pick up a packet for a small cost.

Use incandescent light bulbs.

The beauty of incandescent light bulbs are that they release up to 95% of its energy as heat, only sacrificing a small bit of light in the process. This makes it an extremely efficient heat source if you are looking to cut back on bills.

Dress for the Weather

There is a widespread belief that people lose most of their body heat from their head. Although your face certainly feels the cold weather the most, heat escapes from all over your body. A nice woolly hat, a thick dressing gown, or even a onesie are good friends in times like this.

Warm Drinks

A nice hot drink will not only increase the body temperature but will also help you relax. If you have flask handy, boil up as much water as the flask needs so you don’t have to keep using more energy

Electric blanket

These handy devices will keep you warm during cold evenings as you sleep, whilst at the same time proving a lot more economical than an expensive boiler.

Manage your money

These above tips can be very useful for a short term emergency, such as a blackout or trying to cut back on costs a little. But never leave yourself in the cold!

Android Trading – XTrade Informational

Be thankful for the digital age. We no longer need to be confined to our laptop’s or PC’s to become online traders. XTrade, like many other cutting edge online trading platforms, now make full use of the Android app market. By offering mobile apps to their clients, platforms open up a whole new world, that allows traders quick and easily access the Forex and commodities market. Trades can be placed and managed on the go through a simple, intuitive interface, which are designed from the ground up to function beautifully on android devices.

From its conception, the Android phone was designed for multiple functions and is widely known for being user friendly. It didn’t take long before online trading platforms such as XTrade saw the potential and took full advantage of this sophisticated device.

Why should you download Trading apps?

Primarily I would say for the ease of access. Whether you are constantly on the go, or have multiple financial interests to manage throughout the day; a trading app is the perfect financial instrument for you. Downloading is simple and logging in just as easy as you are used to online. Once you have your app, I doubt you will be able to work without it. Pretty soon you will find yourself casually looking over the live charts, researching trends and even keeping track of your own trading history. Within minutes you will be choosing your investments, as you sip your Americano.

All apps can be quickly and easily downloaded directly from the app store, and offer professional trading functionality with a simple user-friendly interface.

Using a trading app is just like using a traditional online trading platform. You get the same features, tools and information. You will find that security and speedy access to international markets is guaranteed.

Take XTrade’s app for example. It offers all of the conventional tools, with an easy to use interface:

  • Trade CFDs on the world’s most popular financial instruments.
  • Fast and efficient CFD trading.
  • Get access to real-time market quotes including: popular stocks, indexes, forex pairs, and commodities such as gold and oil.
  • Buy and Sell CFDs online: stocks, NASDAQ shares, NYSE and many more stock exchanges.
  • Open and close positions, set limits to protect your investment.
  • View your balance, equity and margin.
  • First class multi language support.
  • Live charts & signals
  • Fund your account by credit card or wire transfer.
  • Fully licensed and regulated broker.
  • Award-winning trading platform.

There are hundreds of such examples out there, all offering similar features. It is advised that you do your research before committing to any trading platform.

Points that you should always look for in trading platform are

  • A wide variety of trading options
  • Live charts
  • Fast trading
  • User-friendly Interface
  • Automatic trading
  • Security of data
The bottom line is that Android trading apps are suitable for all traders. From absolute novices that want to start learning to trade CFD’s through XTrade to experts who need to keep on top of all the financial news and make quick trades. My advice is that trading apps are essential for efficient trading anytime, anywhere.  Whether you are new and looking into the world of trading, or you are an experienced trader – download that app now, and you will see the difference for yourselves.

8 Ways to Get Your Company Prepared When You Retire

Being a small business owner has many benefits, such as being your own boss, making your own schedule, and hopefully, generating a comfortable income. You’ve built a business that has endured based on tips from experts and business advisors, but the time has come to decide what to do with your business when you are ready to retire. Here are some strategies to help you prepare your lifestyle and business for retirement.

1. Open a Retirement Account

Long before you consider the retirement stage, it’s important to take steps so ensuring you’ll have an income once you are no longer working. As soon as you can, open your own retirement account. For small business owners, that may look like an independent IRA, or Individual Retirement Account. There is also the option of opening a solo 401(k) account.

2. Get Your Business Appraised

Another step you should take when you are thinking of retirement is to get your business appraised. Consult an expert to see exactly how much your business is worth. Take into consideration the assets that come along with your business and your company debts. Throughout the life of your company, you should get periodic valuations to help you make the best decisions.

3. Create a Will

It’s vital to create a will for yourself as a small business owner. Whether you have a family or not, it’s important to take this necessary precaution to prepare in case something happens to you before retirement. Draw up specific instructions about what would happen to your business and it’s assets.. That way, you can ensure that your family, your employees, and your legacy are well taken care of.

4. Make a Retirement Plan

The next step to take is to start planning out your retirement strategy. Depending on the nature of your business and your health as you age, you may be able to run your business well into old age. If your health starts to deteriorate, or if your business is physically demanding, you may need to revise your exit strategy.

5. Sell Your Business

You then need to consider the options about what to do with your business once you no longer are involved. One possibility is to sell your business. If your business is viable and generating a profit, you could exit along with a sizeable cash sum to help you ease yourself into retirement. Some business owners are able to sell their companies to top employees to keep the company mission going. It’s important to consult with a business advisor to help guide you through the process.

6. Transfer Your Business to Family

If you want to keep your company within your family, one option to consider is simply transferring ownership to a family member. Once your children are ready to start working, you want to recruit them as employees to help them learn your business. Then, when it’s time for you to retire, you can feel more at ease if your child takes the reins. If you don’t have children or your kids aren’t interested, begin grooming another interested family member early.

7. Prepare for a Buyout

The next way you can get out of your business for retirement with some cash in hand is through a buyout. If your competition is interested in expanding, you may be able to approach them when you’re thinking about retiring. Sometimes, you can get purchased by a larger corporation and gain a substantial amount of cash.

8. Close Your Business

Finally, some small business owners aren’t able to sell if their company isn’t profitable. In this situation, you may need to simply close the business. You can liquidate everything to help satisfy debts and make arrangements, so you’re not left with a heavy financial burden during your retirement. In this scenario, you may actually end up losing money, so this is typically a last resort.

When you start a small business, it’s important to consider your exit strategy as well. That way, you can see a viable way for you and your family to enjoy the retirement years. You and your spouse can gracefully leave the business and stop worrying about all of the daily stresses and headaches for once.

How to Get a Line of Credit Approved for Your Business

Running a business has always been a challenge for everyone. There are a lot of tough times that you will go through along the way, but these will make you strive for success. Whether you own a big or small business, you still have to exert more effort to achieve your end goal and keep it thriving.

One of the essential things that will help your business succeed is by getting a business line of credit. This type of loan can be borrowed through a credible lender for a specific purpose. In case you need more finance to start a new business, you are legible to get a line of credit.

In fact, this works the same way as a credit card. You have the freedom to utilize the money when you need it the most. The interest rate can be lower, since you only have to pay for the interest on the money that you have actually withdrawn. Moreover, a business line of credit is particularly designed to fund short-term finance needs, such as purchasing new equipment, bridging financial gaps, buying inventory, or paying operating expenditures.

If you are interested to get a business line of credit, here are some smart ways to get your business line of credit approved:

Review your credit history and rating

One of the most important things to consider before applying for any type of line of credit is to know your credit record. You have to check your credit history, so you can be prepared when you ask your bank for a business line of credit. Apparently, you can access your overall credit information and have it printed out. In addition, to have a good credit record, you should pay your bills on time or keep a low ratio of debt to your credit cards. Therefore, lenders will know that you are creditworthy and have the ability to repay the loan. Also, your limit will be higher and the interest rate will be lower.

Collect your financial records

Prior to getting your line of credit approved, financial institutions will look at your financial records first. These loan companies will inquire into your income, the kind of job you have, where you live, and other necessary factors that could either hinder or be of help to your application. Thus, you need to ready some copies of your bank statements, employer information, and past tax returns.

Increase your credit and utilize it

It is highly recommended that you utilize and apply early for both business credit lines as well as credit cards. With this, you can establish a good credit history and be able to request for an increased credit limit, though you don’t really need it immediately.

Overall, getting a business line of credit will be easier if you have a good credit rating. You have to make sure that you are able to pay for your finances on time and never let your record turn into a bad one. Simply follow these tips mentioned above when you are about to apply for a line of credit. Certainly, you will get what you deserve.

Find Trading Opportunities with XTrade Europe

Money is a sensitive subject because everyone has an opinion on how it should be handled, and quite often, this opinions will contradict each other.  It causes no end of trouble for all of those who are looking for it to work in a business situation, whether it’s a physical banking book that has to be balanced, or an online account that has to take into account the trade market.

There are some who understand the idea of how to make money work for them, and then there are others who struggle with the idea.  Specifically with the handling of it.  Take your business for example.  When you borrow money, what do you do with it?  Do you use it for those day to day expenses or do you put it towards those large things that you need to purchase on behalf of the business?

Borrowing money should be always be a last resort, but when it is done, it needs to be done with an expert hand and applied to the perfect things that are going to make good use of the money that you borrowed in the first place.The same thing can be said for online trading.  You have to remember that when you’re trading at the professional level, you have to also have the finesse of working at that same level.  This is shown through making the right trades at the right times.  While theory and monitoring certainly goes into making the decision in how to “ride the market”, even the experts like MGJL will tell you that a lot of times you make your decision based on how the market will “feel”.  The best example of this is looking at how, during the holiday season, some people lose out in a big way with the stock market, and other people will benefit greatly.  It comes down to knowing when to use the market to your advantage using strategy and when to simply let it take you for a ride instead.

This theory of understanding money in more than nickels and dimes, of seeing it more as a living creature, or a bargaining chip, this allows for a business to profit in ways that those who keep money as a flat object cannot.  There is real power in controlling money the right way, but this “power” comes from understanding the value of money in itself instead of what money may mean to you, personally.

No matter if you’re looking at a business loan or how to use your money wisely in a rocky trading situation, the best people in the business do as well as they do because they respect money in itself and know just where to out it and how to use it so that they get the best possible value for it in all of their professional endeavors. This may not be practiced in the smaller businesses that are just trying to keep afloat, but it should be.