Ask the Readers: Sustainability Goals

Like I’ve found out over the past 4-5 years, you’re really never going to get anywhere you want to be without goals.  Goals will give you something to focus on, something to look forward to and something to keep you in check when you really just want to do everything but something that relates to your goal.

For me, keeping myself accountable to my goals is done by writing them down – you can see the past 3 years of goals (including this years goals) on the site.  Even though I dont write down every goal that I have for various reasons, I do write down most of them on the site.

Im curious to know though, what are all of your goals in terms of sustainability?  Do you want to grow more of your own food, or perhaps walk or bike more?  Do you want to save a bit of money by changing out your old, inefficient home products like light bulbs and shower heads and replace them with new ones?  Or is there something else that you’re more focused on?

I’d love to hear about it in the comments below.

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Jeff is the founder of sustainable life blog and has been interested in sustainability for most of his life. After realizing in 2007 that his finances were a total wreck, he started reading financial blogs and quickly realized that what is best for your wallet is typically better for the earth, and is usually healthier. On sustainable life blog Jeff shares his journey to a more sustainable lifestyle. For updates, subscribe by email or like us on facebook.


  1. We have a garden during the summer to grow our own veggies. It isn’t a long season though, planting in late May and harvesting everything late September, early October. Eventually I want to build a small greenhouse that can be used year round to grow veggies. It will save money and everything tastes better fresh.

    • I agree Debt, Everything does taste better fresh. A small greenhouse is something I want to do as well, have you considered a hoop house? They are fairly cost effective from what I can tell.

  2. Currently my goal is to decrease the amount of time I use my car. I used to walk to work but when my office location changed I fell back into the car mode. Once it warms up a bit more and snow is out of the question, I am going to pump up my bike tires and start riding to work.

    • Miss T – it seems like lots of people want to walk to work. For me, it’s been one of the best life changes I’ve made.

  3. Compost. Walk to work 3-4 times a week.

  4. When I moved downtown, the walk/bike more thing was automatic. I have also been slowing moving over to all CFLs when my bulbs burn out, but I am already most of the way there.

    In the long term, my goal is to replace everything that breaks with a low-energy or low-water version. New appliances, toilets, etc. should always be better than the old one.

    • Think about your CFL’s – dont put one in a closet that gets turned on one hour per month. Glad to hear you’re up for replacements, but keep in mind when the water heater breaks, you usually dont have time to screw around with which one is low energy or low water. that’s a lot of cold showers while you pick.

  5. I know it sounds crazy, but, we’re looking at building a strawbale house in the next two-three years. It will be much more efficient, and less toxic for someone with my health issues. When we make that change the house will also have and indoor grow bed for year round produce, on demand hot water heaters, recycled and salvaged building materials, and if I can talk my husband into it, composting toilets.

    • That is awesome andi! Have you looked at papercrete? I’ve been in a few of those straw houses, they are very awesome.

      • Unfortunately in the Pacific Northwest, caution has to be used because of the dampness and most of the people I’ve talked to don’t recommend papercrete. I really wanted to go with Earthbags, but that’s still considered to be “new technology” (cause dirt’s now cutting edge). However the state of Oregon has an appendix in the structural code dedicated to strawbale construction so it will be easy to get permitted. We should be able to build it ourselves.

  6. I’ve got goals set in all aspects of life. I’ve got financial goals written on sticky notes on my computer monitor. Renovation/work goals for around the house are logged in a little “house reno” book. Lifestyle goals are a daily focus – with eating, exercise, getting enough sleep etc.

    I think it’s incredibly important to write our goals down. We can review them regularly… and get the satisfaction of crossing them off once completed!

  7. Well I have a workout goal of completing Insanity. I have completed 17 days and have seen the results which I have posted on my blog. I have also had others want to join. So I agree we need goals.