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The topic of the blog swap for today is best travel tips I ever received. For me, it’s very difficult to put only one, various travel tips I got that helped me in the past. Let’s have a little discussion on few of them.

1. Experience the destination – Mix up with the locals, be out of your hotel room as long as possible. Explore the place, take in all that the place could offer. Note down what you couldn’t do, to come back and do it later. Don’t make your travel purpose unfulfilled.

2. Experience local food and local culture even if they cost money – If you are visiting key west, eat key lime pie. If you are visiting Boston, eat†clam chowder. Don’t think about money on experiencing authentic cuisine. Eat the authentic local cuisine at the best local restaurant for original taste. To me, supermarket cuisines are not just exact replica of the local food. A†Walmart†tinned clam†chowder†is not the thing we tasted in Boston.

3. Pack less, travel light – be lighter, it will enhance your agility, it will cost you less baggage fee. It will let you get ready earlier each day during your vacation. You’ll miss less things while outside. Your things would stay at your usual residence and be safe, how about that?

4. Do all the arrangements as early as possible to save cost – †Book flight early, book hotel early, book your rental car early. Even some site seeing companies offer early bird discounts. I tend to forget things when I am preparing at the last minute. My wife even packs the bags a few days before the travel date. It’s so relaxing to travel when you are well prepared.

5. Research your destination thoroughly – Don’t repent missing out on a site seeing activity or a cuisine later. Do your research on the destination, list the things you think you should do. Make a time-table as per the list. Try to stick to the time and avoid missing out on important events.

6. Don’t compromise on fitness and†hygiene – If jogging is your every day habit, don’t stop, do that even when you are vacationing. Many†Habits are†hard to develop and when lapsed†for a few days, they become hard to re-adopt to. Smoking is one easy example. I generally give one relaxation when I am travelling, that is eating. I give diets a break!

7. Don’t forget to create memory – Don’t forget to carry your camera, video camera and an extra memory, in case camera gets full. I am even planning to blog about my upcoming trip. Try to develop a friendship with your fellow†travelers†you meet at destination or on the way. They all add up in your travel experience. You cna even keep a diary with you.

8. Save on Airfare and stay as much as you can – Nothing new here, whether its trip to parents or trip to†Hawaii, air travel would going to give you same experience, tiresome few hours. Save as much as you can on travel, figure out ways to save on flight tickets.

I book hotels through Priceline bidding, I generally try for a few days to get the cheapest option at a good hotel. You’ll need your room at room, do you care if it’s at Hyatt or Holiday Inn express?

And as a bonus, the best travel related tip I ever†received, “To know some one better, go on a travel with that †person“. I hope you too have realized it by now.

Readers what’s the most cherish travel memory you have? Please share with us today.

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  1. Great travel tips. Right now I’m saving for a better camera, so that I can take great pictures!

  2. My favorite tip is to travel light. Being a minimalist when travelling is so important, especially when travelling overseas. It does let you experience more of where you are visiting, and it also allows you to move much easier in your host country.

  3. Nice tips, worthy to keep in mind.

    However to be honest I don’t think you can consider any travel that involves flight a green travel. The pollution from airplanes is incredibly high.

  4. I practice a lot of these, especially the travel light. I can get everything for a two week trip in one bag that I can carry on the plane. No worries of lost luggage or waiting for the baggage claim.

    Great tips.

  5. When I read through there, I thought of how I try to apply some of those tips when I travel. The Lonely Planet guide books are an amazing place to start dealing with food, lodging, and making sure you catch the best sites. I swear by them. They helped me survive Prague, Budapest, Paris, London, Amsterdam, and Costa Rica over the last few years.

  6. The one about taking in the local food is the best one because you never get the same flavor anywhere else. I’ve done the first one in Montreal and loved it for the four days we were there.

    And the fun thing is, you can do all of these regardless of the location.

  7. I definitely used to pack ahead of time for camping trips growing up. My mom also taught me to pack my clothes in gallon sized ziploc bags so that if my bag got wet it wasn’t a problem.

    Another (clothing related) tip I have is to bring a laundry bag for your dirty clothes. It makes it so much easier to keep things organized if you have an easy way to keep clean and dirty clothes separate.

  8. You said “Mix up with the locals, be out of your hotel “. Often people go to places like Puerto Rico, only to visit their local Denny’s or GAP -like stores. They recreate their every day lives in a different location and do not experience the local culture. Trully a boring experience. Meet the locals, expose yourself to the culture outside of Holiday inn!!!!!!

  9. I wish I could say I travel more, but I don’t; it’s not one of the things my family splurges on. We’re pretty predictable – beach or mountains every year. I do like your #2, however; I’ve always been big on traveling like a local, and avoiding the big commercial tourist traps.

  10. Is it better to book well in advance than near the end? I’ve heard both ways: places might want to fill spots near the flight / stay date so they’ll give it to you for a song.

  11. I agree with all of your tips. I travel a lot too and I do most of what you said. Subscribe to a reliable airlines newsfeed, they send you their promos/offers once they have one. That will give you a chance to book early. Then research about the area of destination; what their authentic cuisine is; their tourist spots, etc. Surely when you day of travel will arrive you will be ready and you won’t be wasting time looking at maps and looking for hotels. :)

  12. I have traveled all over the world and back. I have never been that thorough but if I had to do it again I would do a lot more research. Fortunately I was traveling for dance but still I did have a lot of time to site see. Thanks for the post.

  13. My wife and I always practice “Ask a local” Where should we eat? = Ask a local! Where should we go = Ask a local!

    It works great, never boring, often amazing, and a bunch of fun for two uptight business people on a break!

  14. SB. We are two peas in a pod. I do all of these things. Experiencing the local culture and people is a huge part of when I travel. To me that is the whole point. You learn so much about yourself and the world around you.

    I also pack light. I don’t want to worry about more things than I need to and I like being able to move quick. Backpacking is my usual method.

    For researching ahead of time, I am a big fan of Trip Advisor. There is a plethora of useful information on that site.

  15. When travelling (both business and pleasure) it is difficult to maintain good habits. The different environment makes it that you get many new choices to make and often you can go wrong there. If you find yourself in such a situation make a few simple rules that will help you to cope with it. I have a rule for example that every night that I stay in a hotel for business travel, on that day I always will go to the gym, even when it is for 20 minutes. The rule is “go”. It works. Make your own rules.


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