6 Smart Money Saving Tips You Could Do Every Day

Times are tough, no doubt about it. Everyone is trimming, getting cheap insurance and creating a  lean, green lifestyle they want to live. Saving money is the name of that tune. For those who don’t know how to budget, a budget is only a plan for your hard earned money; all you need is a calculator and calendar.

1. Your Income

Making the bills fit the income is sometimes difficult. The important things like the rent, insurance, and car payments come out of the budget first. With what’s left, let’s see what can be trimmed. (Jeffs note:  I’ve talked about the importance of Insurance many times, and having good insurance paid off during the hail storm)

2. Food

Buying in bulk saves money. Cook meals in advance and freeze them for later heating, which will save on the power bill and save a great deal of time. This will ensure healthy balanced meals for your family. Buying the same amount from the dollar store will do the same job.

3. Household Cleaners

Chemicals in household cleaners cause health problems.  Making your own cleaner is cheaper and healthier and better for the environment. Baking soda will clean anything while also providing the basis of toothpaste. Lemon juice will cut through grime just as well as ammonia and smells better. Shampoos are as simple as milk and eggs whipped together.

4. Entertainment

Cut the cable off and sit on the front porch to chat with the neighbors. Walk in the park at sunset, learn about the stars or go fishing. Play cards, read a book, get a sketchpad and play Pictionary or rent a DVD. This would also give you bonding time with your family.

5. Coupons

There are so many sites online with coupons for everything that saving money every day can be done. Coupons for travel, clothing, entertainment, phones and other needs exist to better your budget.

6. Gas

Gas is the big thing now and people are finding ways around it. Every bicycle, every walk to work, every bus ride is telling the oil companies to get a life. Not to mention, it’s healthier for both us and the environment.

Saving money every day can be accomplished by buying smart, making it yourself, getting back to nature and using online resources like coupons. It doesn’t have to cost a lot. If your health insurance comes with your job, check with your spouse to see if you are doubling your coverage. If one policy will cover the whole family, drop yours. You can go for a cheap health insurance but make sure it covers everything you need, that will save a lot of money. Also be aware that your homeowner’s and car insurance can be bundled with one company, that will save money. Often, good habits will save money on insurance policies.

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  1. I use baking soda and vinegar to clean our drains. It works really well and reminds me of making volcanos as a kid! :)

  2. Milk and eggs as shampoo? Really? I have not caught wind of this one. Wow, it has to be a strange feeling, but whatever it takes to save a few bucks.

    I am familiar with banking soda and the marvels it brings to the world. Cutting down on those chemicals would do anyone’s budget just great as they are very expensive these days….like everything else!

    • Freddie – I’ve never tried the milk thing, but I’ve heard people using just vinegar and water for shampoo as well.

  3. Research and shop online too!

  4. I rarely ever watch TV and don’t have cable. I feel like television is a waste of time..I’d rather spend my money on a gym membership or an activity with my friends. There are definite ways to cut corners–you just have to be smart!

  5. Coupons are designed to sell the things otherwise won’t be sold. It creates artificial demands. If you first make a list of things you need and then try to find coupon, it works great, otherwise you are giving money to the corporation.

  6. I like #3 a lot. Even though store bought green products tend to be more expensive it’s worth it not breathing in so many toxins and helping the planet. -Sydney

  7. Thanks for the money saving tips! I wish I could do something about the gas part… metro Detroit is just not friendly to people without cars. Our suburban sprawl coupled with a lack of mass transit makes it impossible to get around with a car.

    • Hey Justin
      It gets really tough when you live in an area that’s not exactly ped friendly – costs a lot more….How is the biking around there? I figure the roads should be rather empty, no?

  8. Great post Jeff. We also make our own cleaners and can vouch for how much money it saves. Plus it doesn’t give us a headache. We also buy in bulk and cook ahead of time which also saves us money. We have also recently cut cable which has helped too. It is amazing the ways you can find to save money if you do a fair evaluation of what you are using and what you want your money to be used for.

  9. These are all great tips. I have been using cleaners based on vinegar and baking soda for about a year now. I don’t miss the chemical based cleaners at all. I find they homemade cleaners do just as well if not better than the commercially made cleaners.

  10. Great tips. I love #6 because it’s so true, stick it to the man and ride your bike!

  11. Thanks for write up! All these tips are important and we must take care all about in our daily life that would really help to save a little bit money everyday.


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