4 Sustainability Bloggers You Need to Check Out

Simon and Marielle

Simon and Marielle blog at Sustainable Personal Finance under the aliases Mr and Mrs SPF.  They burst onto the scene with a hugely popular series (365 Green Tips).  They chronicle their journey of trying to balance their strong environmental ethics with their pocketbooks and responsibility they feel towards the rest of the people on the planet.   The main goal of their site is to prove that being environmentally friendly does not need to cost a whole boatload of money.  The topics they choose are varied like they are here, but they bring a fresh perspective to the space.

I really like the way these two write, though I will say that when I read about the 365 Green Tips I was pretty sure that they were out of their mind because that is a lot of work.  They’ve been very active in both the financial and green communities, and I cant wait to see where they end up at the end of 2012!

Miss T

Miss T writes over at Prairie Eco Thrifter, and is a self described prarie raised woman.  She detests waste of any kind: time, money or resources.  She has flat-out rejected the consumerist culture in North America, instead opting to live frugal, healthy and green.  The reasons that she lives by those principles is because she values every breath, and wants to live a prosperous life on a healthy planet until she takes her last breath.  She’s very aware that we are all on a personal journey, and is looking to help anyone interested interested in turning over a new leaf and living a frugal, green and organized life.

Miss T started blogging in 2010, but really came on to the scene and found her voice in 2011.  Her work is always thought provoking and provides a refreshing viewpoint from the normal blogs.  Her voice is one of knowledge that you can trust.  She’s been where you are and was able to slowly but surely create a life that is full of fun, healthy personal relationships, environmentally actions and an ample pocketbook.


Andrea runs the site Frugally Sustainable, and talks about her journey re-learning (and teaching) forgotten skills, focusing on what is important during lean times and finding happiness.  She’s also trying to escape the consumer culture and focus on sustainability by recycling, up-cycling, ecologically friendly and centered around her home.  Her favorite things are her garden, farmers markets, cooking and hanging clothes out to dry on the line.  She’s trying to become more frugal and sustainable so she can depend on no one, enjoy time with her family and appreciate what she does have, rather than have other people focus on what she doesn’t have.

I’ve been keeping up with Andrea for a while and have really enjoyed the things she’s been up to lately.  Her voice is always unique, and her readers submit some great projects for the “Frugal Days, Sustainable Ways” series.

Matt & Betsy

Matt was one of the first bloggers I really got to know when I started, and I’ve been following him ever since.  I got to know his work at Debt Free Adventure First, but now he is focusing on DiyNatural, a site to help you save money and increase freedom.  He always writes with a passion that shows you he is 100% certain that what he’s working on will be a great help to everyone involved.  After getting tired of additives in his food and cleaners, he decided to start doing more things himself and learning new ways to do simple things.  About a year ago, he brought his wife on, who is very sharp and really enjoys sharing everything she knows about home remedies, and they have been on fire as an awesome team ever since!

Matt and Betsy love empowering and inspiring others to save money and live more sustainably.  After Matt grew tired of the rat race, he chose instead to follow his calling to help people increase personal freedom and joy by focusing on debt aversion and investing in skills.  Their mission in life is to empower you by supplying information that increases freedom, joy, and meaning in your life.

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  5. I’m honored for the mention Jeff and am happy to know the passion in our work comes through. Let’s change the world!

  6. Thanks for sharing these sites. I know most of these sites, but a couple of them are new to me. Love reading new content, especially about sustainable living.

  7. Great roundup, Jeff; top-notch bloggers for sure, and glad to see some people thinking about a sustainable future. :)

  8. Great to have these in one place, I am in a similar niche and like to find others with the same passion.