Continuing House Work – Moving Downstairs

Many of you know that my wife and I bought a house a little over two years ago, and we spent the better part of the first 9 months that we lived in the house living in our basement because we had torn up just about everything upstairs. We redid the bathroom, the kitchen, the floors, both bedrooms and more. We’ve (mostly) finished up all of those projects and have started to turn our focus to the basement – where we have a whole suite of problems (different from the ones we came across upstairs).

Of course we have grand ideas for how we can use the space and what it will look like when we are finished, but we are a long way from that. We never planned to tear out the entire basement,  but after we found significant water damage and lots of mold and rotting wood, we realized that we had no choice. This water damage was in multiple spots, and caused by multiple things, including leaky faucets, leaking windows and holes in the foundation (?).

We found there are plenty of ways to fix this stuff, so we have been working on that for the last 4 months. We’ve fixed the leaky faucet, we fixed the leaky window situation and we finally got everything sorted out. You can click here if you are looking to learn to repair the faucet, as megasealed has a handy guide.

This is going to be a long project, and unfortunately will probably cost more than our upstairs renovations did as well because some of this work we are going to have to pay to have done. We want to remove a basement wall that’s about 8″ thick and concrete, and i’m not really interested in cutting that up and hauling it out of the basement. We are hiring that out, if we can get someone to actually come by and do the work.

Once all that’s done, we will move on to another huge project – re-plumbing the entire house with PEX. I’ll be using this handy PEX guide from Mr Money Mustache, and if I’m feeling extra stuck, I’ll call the man himself and see if I can make him an offer to come up to our place and help me out. This will be another big project, but it will be much better than cast iron that we currently have which is filled with corroded junk.

Once the plumbing is done, we’ll move on to a bit of updates to the electrical system down there, and add a few outlets and lights in the basement and finally fix up an outlet that I couldn’t wire up when I did the rest of the upstairs.

Of course, I’ll keep you all updated on what we dont, and more important the cost of the entire project. When we are done, it will be a nice place for our daughter to play, as the area will be far more open and better lit.




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