The Magical Upside of Credit Repair

When you have good credit, the world is your oyster. Sometimes, literally. You have the buying power to splurge on oysters. Before, with all your bad credit, spending $2.50 on a single tiny source of salty protein was not the most sound financial decision. But when you make the effort to engage in credit repair, you can feel good about eating as many oysters as you want.

Higher Credit Card Limits

When you get better credit, that means more companies will loan you higher amounts of money. You are not such a high risk anymore. That means you have more purchasing power in your wallet. You can buy the things you need to make your house livable, the ancillary items to make your side business run or even sports equipment for the kids. When you buckle down and fix your finances with credit repair, you are proving to lenders that you are a responsible user of credit, so they will be more likely to raise your limits.

More Attractive Mortgage Rates

When you have clean credit, mortgage banks will consider you an ideal customer. That means you can get the best rates. With the right deals, then you can maybe buy a better house in a better neighborhood and pay less in monthly payments than you do right now. And you are in a strong negotiating position. When you have a high credit score and a clean track record, banks are competing for your business. That means you can get some concessions on closing costs and other fees. If you play your cards right.

Better Car Loans

When you reach ninja status on your credit repair, that means you can get a much lower rate when you go out shopping for a new car. Especially if you are in the market for leasing, rather than buying outright. If you have good credit, dealers are confident that you will be paying the bill on time. So you should be able to obtain better than average rates on your car loan.

Great Credit Card Deals

Those with excellent credit will be the ones that get the best rewards cards with points, cash back, low rates and even free hotel stays and airline miles. These credit cards are no-brainers, provided that you spend wisely and pay off the balance every month. But as a person who tightened their belt and learned how to properly perform credit repair on their finances, spending wisely should not be a problem.

Figuring out the best way to fix your credit will pay off in your financial life. You want to be excellent at credit repair, so that you can enjoy the fruits of life with a high credit score.

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