Award Winning Roof Gardens – the Eco Benefits of Roof Gardens

Roof gardens are becoming increasingly popular, mainly because they have so many benefits. These extend from personal benefits to benefits for the entire community, and truly award winning roof gardens play on all those areas. So what are the eco benefits of roof gardens?rg1first

The benefits for our planet are very clear. They include:

  • Waste diversion. Instead of being sent to landfill sites, waterproofing membranes can be used on roofs. Additionally, most award winning roof gardens use recycled materials. Additionally, roof gardens lead to better insulation, which means all the heating and cooling systems are used less and therefore last longer.
  • Improved air quality. The plants that are used on a green roof stop airborne pollutants from entering the atmosphere. Additionally, noxious gases are filtered out. Finally, green roofs moderate temperature, which means power plants don’t have to work as hard, leading to fewer CO2 emissions.
  • Green roofs are also incredibly energy efficient. Their insulating properties mean that people do not have to use their heating or cooling devices as much, which means they lower their carbon footprint. Indeed, during summer, energy consumption is reduced by 75%, according to recent research by the National Research Council of Canada.
  • Green roofs also help reduce electromagnetic radiation. This comes from electronic devices such as mobile communication and other wireless devices. There is no widespread agreement that this is actually damaging to the environment, but it is known that electromagnetic radiation is reduced by 99.4% thanks to green roofs. Hence, if an ecological concern is identified at some point, green roofs will already help in reducing this.
  • Noise pollution is also reduced through green roofs, both in terms of sounds emitted by a property and sounds entering the property. The roofs are particularly good at blocking out low frequency sounds.
  • A direct ecological benefit is the increased biodiversity. Various plants can be sustained on the roof, as can a range of invertebrates. It creates a natural habitat for a range of different birds as well. As such, the realm of the ecosystem notices massive benefits from these roofs. If ever there is a significant and sudden environmental variation, then the roof is able to manage this and support the ecosystem.


These are just some of the eco benefits that are created through green roofs. However, there are many other benefits that impact the ecosystem positively indirectly. For instance, because they are so eye-catching, they draw the attention of the community and its members can become inspired to install the same on their own properties. Indeed, it is a fantastic educational opportunity. Furthermore, it has been demonstrated that green roofs increase social cohesion and create a sense of community. Again, this gives the opportunity for people to become more aware of and interested in nature and how we can become less reliant on fossil fuels. In some countries, installing green roofs is becoming the norm and hopefully, this will soon catch up globally.

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